In Tunisia, Takriz is a name for ‘balls’ and a youthful rebellion…

From Moochin’s somewhat geographically inaccurate, but somehow apt description of the new sculpture at the bottom of Broadway, to another use of the word balls (and Rise, rising, etc)… In this case it’s from the Tunsian popular term for ‘balls’, takriz.

In Tunsia, it stands for the unrest and dissatisfaction of adolescent youth. But the concept of the dissatisfaction and frustration at not having your talents appreciated and/or put to good use and giving rise to a form of physical expression seems to fit the youth of the Falls in 1969 and those of the Arab Middle East during much of the last few decades.

It’s also the name of a movement which has been working (ie, not just protesting) online for freedom since the last 90s. I recently caught up with one of its movers and shakers. As it happens, outside the appropriately named (for a digital fugitive) Fox Inn not far from the Guinness family estate in southern England.

He’s known publicly only as Foetus (which is at first a little disturbing in casual conversation), a having become extremely adept at hiding his real identity. Here are two, rather rushed audioboo interviews I did with him, when we were both very much on the hoof:

Interview (pt 1) with “Foetus” of (mp3)

Interview (pt 2) with “Foetus” of (mp3)

More context on the Arab Spring from John Pollock’s blog reports for Technology Review… On Tunsia and Morocco..