NI Police Ombudsman: “we have no evidence of a deliberate action…”

The Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Al Hutchinson’s report on the investigation into the murder of 6 people in Loughinisland by the UVF in 1994 has been published.  To the anger of the relatives of those killed.

Al Hutchinson’s comments in the UTV report sum up his position, and the problem for those relatives.

“The families believe there is broad state collusion, our remit is only to focus on police actions, I have said there no collusion in two incidents and insufficient evidence of collusion in another”, Mr Hutchinson said.

“This means there are inconsistencies that are not explainable in the actions of one particular police officer and we have explored that, and we have no evidence of a deliberate action and therefore it is not collusion by definition”, he added.

The NI Police Ombudsman’s full report is available here [pdf file].