£145.40 – Former girlfriend of Belfast pub owner gets engaged to sporty divorcee

Further updates on BBC News as your not insignificant licence fee permits.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Brilliant Mark!

  • There must be an inside joke here; it goes right over my head.

  • Crubeen

    Pass the sick bag!

  • Crubeen


    It’s all about celebrity – “the pursuit of the talentless by the mindless.” She is a minor TV prsenter from Norn Iren and he’s an overpaid fooballer for Chelsea and England.

    Many footballers have been caught in beds other than their own with wives other than their own and, in some cases, professional consultants in horizontal jogging. Frequently our less intellectually inclined journals feature headlines about these sorts of antics of the order of “Footballer beds Pneumatic Female”

    I personally am more inclined to “Gardener beds Plants!”

  • pippakin

    He is actually a very good footballer she is a qualified WAG, sounds like a match made in heaven.

  • alan56

    A bit unfair to describe her as a WAG… shes a good wee Fermanagh girl after all.. who is good at….well…….TV presenting? (If you like those sort of programmes)

  • pippakin

    His Dad played for West Ham and was, if I remember correctly, pretty good. WAG appears to be an honourable ambition these days.

    I’m inclined to think there is a bit more to this breaking news than some of us are able to discern…..

  • alan56

    We’ll all soon be superinjuncted

  • Mark

    Frank Lampard Junior Junior ?

  • Nunoftheabove


    £145.40 is the stated cost of the TV licence (I paid £145.50 for mine, mind), the item concerns one toe-curlingly over hyped (in ‘thuh prawvunce’, by the media, by those not getting out much and/or those without much apparent discernment when it comes to feminine beauty as far as I can see) and thoroughly mediocre presenter of thoroughly mediocre TV British programmes and a dull but occasionally competent English professional footballer.

    Nah, I didn’t pay mine for this kind of shit either.

  • otto

    Ok – found the pub

    But Fermanagh?

  • Presumably their offspring qualify for England, Norn Iron and the Republic….Im sure she wont mind which.
    Hes a pretty decent footballer but a bit past it. He was no Paul Scholes.
    Shes almost competent at reading an autocue.
    I look forward to the spread in Hello Magazine and the commemorative mugs.

  • Yes Pippakin…..I remember Frank Lampard senior when he was just Frank Lampard, an excellent left back but he was no Tony Dunne.

  • Mark

    Pippakin ,

    Thats right , your West Ham …. Were you forever blowing …bubbles back in the day . Peters , Hurst and Moore …. Billy Bonds , Alan Devinshire etc . Great Football Club – in the shit now !

  • ‘arry Rednapp who is the young Lampards uncle…..and Jamie & Louise they will be at the wedding too I suppose.
    But will they marry in Fermanagh? I suspect not.
    Can divorcees get a Church wedding there?
    And Registry Offices are so chavvy.
    I suspect something tasteful on a beach somewhere exotic.

  • pippakin


    Shades of a misspent youth hanging out with the boys. I can’t help it I still leap to defend West Ham.

  • Mark

    Yes Pip , I was impress with your take on the whole Icelandic fiasco …….

  • ranger1640

    Can’t see the reliance of the £145.40 in the title as she works in the independent TV sector???

  • PJ Maybe

    Non-entity gurns about wastefulness of publicly funded website covering a celebrity story, on publicly funded website.

    If the irony was any more beautiful I think I’d cry.

  • Crubeen


    Useful piece of information. I posted a while back a piece with two links or so in it and I’d forgotten about it until now … because it seemed to disappear.

  • DoctorWho

    Mark McGregor and Chris Donnelly have valid TV licenses???

  • Crubeen

    “Mark McGregor and Chris Donnelly have valid TV licenses???”

    Since the GFA all things are possible …

  • Crubeen,

    There is an automatic WordPress embargo on any non-blogger comments which have more than two links.

  • john

    Congratulations to the couple. One bit of advice for Christine – dont open a twitter account you dont know what you might find on it a couple of years down the line

  • Good for her. She’ll get a good divorce settlement in a few years time and help to increase Northern Ireland’s prosperity

  • I wonder if she has been introduced to John Terry yet?

  • pippakin


    I see you have your own wooden spoon… LOL!

  • Intelligence Insider

    Lampard has never been married, so the divorcee title is wrong.

  • Yes Intellingence Insider,

    but you cant blame Mark for “playing the man” on this occasion. Lamps is such a good footballer.

  • john

    FJH – carefull what you say afterall Mr Giggs was threatening to sue all of the people who mentioned him on twitter.

  • Im no longer on Twitter.
    And I dont think Ive ever mentioned Giggsy.
    After all Im a Red Devil also.

  • john

    My apologies I thought you were talking about another certain player whos name is quite prominent on twitter regarding certain matters and easily viewed from outside the UK

  • andnowwhat

    The worst thing that one can say about the presenter is that her defenders from the many media attacks she has received is that she is “nice”.

    For nice read, never mind the quality, feel the width.

  • Nice is such a bland word

  • between the bridges

    PJ ‘Non-entity gurns about wastefulness of publicly funded website covering a celebrity story, on publicly funded website.

    If the irony was any more beautiful I think I’d cry.”

    I think that’s rather unfair!! Is it not more a case of a socialist republican without any party affiliation. A contrarian, a dissenter gurns about wastefulness of publicly funded website covering a celebrity story, on publicly funded website, while trying to make elitist satirical ‘in joke’

  • Mark

    This is obviously an Irish thing, its far to complex for us English to understand.

  • andnowwhat

    Moochin Photoman (profile) 16 June 2011 at 11:54 am
    Nice is such a bland word

    Even the biscuits are too

  • pippakin

    A piece of useless information: I understand the cost of an Irish television licence to be €160.00 and for that you get to watch all RTE and other Irish television channels. The British tv licence and the Irish tv licence are neither transferable or interchangeable.

    I wonder: when there is a UI will the Brits block the signal to the whole island or would the whole island agree to pay for two licences. If not would some people be persuaded to vote for the union just to keep Coronation St and Emmerdale? Not to mention Match of the Day…and the er, exposure of these exciting romantic liaisons

  • I get my Ros na Rún fix on one of the Sky Channels.

  • otto

    Coronation Street & Emmerdale are on independent TV (ITV / /TV3) pippers and Eastenders is already on RTE so don’t worry, they’ll be there….(if they’re still being made).

    Often thought a UI might be advanced, if only by a few feet, by an all-Ireland broadcasting union giving us RTE on not-paid-for-telly in North Down and Antrim.

    Changing BBC Northern Ireland to BBC Ireland and having a bit more of an all-Ireland feel might be cool too. They’ve got BBC America. You wonder if the BBC ever leave the Belfast Metropolitan Area sometimes – they never seem to be out of Mountstewart.

    Although (to get back on topic-ish) Christine did whizz about in a helicopter for a bit.

  • fordprefect

    I think it’s a match made in heaven,so a do. I seen it on the tv and in the papers, so a did. I was watching Christine on tv the other night, so a was. I’m really delighted for them, so a am. Only joking! I think it’s all a load of B******’s! By the way, when referring to this place, why does Peter Robinson call it “Northern Eyeland?”

  • Oh, for [OK, OK, I’ve resisted this for years —] FFS, the story is two rounds gone at Congressional and it’s McIlroy, McIlroy, McIlroy.

    Get with the story, men!

    And there’s no Slugger thread to cheer him on.

  • fordprefect

    Malcolm, men! what about women?

  • Dewi

    Malcolm – it was my fault he lost the Masters….wait till tomorrow?

  • babyface finlayson

    So what? This sort of stuff is on all the media. Hardly worthy of a blog. And the ‘former girlfriend of belfast pub owner’ remark seems snide to me. What about ‘tv presenter’. That is what she does after all. If, like me, you have no interest then don’t watch it.