Lady Hermon weighs in on Corporation Tax

With a couple of notable exceptions, there has been little political opposition to the proposals to allow Stormont to set the level of Corporation Tax. Indeed, it has been almost talked up by many on the hill as the silver bullet, while obviously being careful to not actually say as such.

Yesterday however, Lady Sylvia Hermon, the popular Independent MP for North Down gave an interview to Radio Ulster and made it very clear that she was unconvinced the move would be beneficial to Northern Ireland and was actually concerned it may be significantly detrimental in the short term.

Amongst her detractors, there are questions over Lady Hermon’s political calibre (though clearly not her ability to get elected) but the interview yesterday should at least go some way to addressing that fallacy. She may be ideologically opposed to much of the make up in Stormont, but her intelligence and aptitude should not be in question.

She also managed to get across her dislike for David Cameron in a way that can only be described as, well, Ladylike.

You can listen to the interview by following this link

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