“How parents can help their children avoid homosexuality”

The words of the group, Core Issues, who are organising an event next Tuesday at Belvoir Church of Ireland where they will discuss the ‘merits’ of Reparative Therapy – the belief that through therapy and prayer, Gay people can be ‘cured’ of their ‘illness’.  Not surprisingly, a protest has been organised by The Rainbow Project, details of which can be found here if you are interested in attending.

Obviously, Northern Ireland has come across this type of thing before. Iris Robinson is a fan of this kind of therapy and it’s a fair bet she’s not alone in her view, especially amongst the more traditional wing of the DUP.

So far, the numbers confirmed to attend are just under a hundred but I imagine that will increase. However, how many would need to attend to force a real discussion of the issue amongst our political leaders? Considering the heavy emphasis on Christianity as part of the ‘cure’ that Reparative Therapy offers,  it could prove to be a tricky path for our church going politicians to navigate. Here, more than in England, the support of the local church or lodge is crucial and so is it likely that our MLAs’ will risk that support? Certainly, there’s little to be gained, politically at least, though obviously that comes second to doing the right thing morally.

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