“Which of these questions do you think are ‘silly’?”

Prime Time had two main items last night. One of the plight of the survivors of the Magdalene Laundries in the wake of UN Committee against Torture recommendation that the Irish state’s failure to protect the women should be properly investigated.

Then there is a piece looking at the recovery process of those bodies of those Disappeared by the IRA in which it documents the fact that most of the investigations are being done through intermediaries rather by direct contact with those who actually buried the bodies themselves.

Then Donogh Diamond has a pretty combative interview with Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein President and TD for Louth, in which he reprises his infamous line from March 2007 when he lectured Mark Devenport “Journalists have the right and the responsibility and the duty to ask questions.. you don’t have the right to ask stupid questions”.

I’ve no further comment to make on it other than to say, ‘the past hasn’t gone away you know…”