Emigration returns to top of Ireland’s pile of concern…

Fascinating set of figures from Hays Ireland:

# 35% of the respondents left Ireland during the last three years to find work, some because they felt like they had no other option.

# Of those who left, 27% headed to the UK, 22% to elsewhere in Europe, 15% to Australasia, and only 7% headed to North America.

# Three out of five emigrants said that the quality of life was better where they had moved.

According to the ESRI, the rate of departure is set to be the highest in recent memory and overshadows the net outward migration peak of 44,000 in 1989.

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  • Republic of Connaught

    Good. Let them keep emigrating. They are our ambassadors abroad who will come in useful in the years ahead. We must keep spreading the Irish seed so as not to become merely a useless little island in the north atlantic with no influence elsewhere.

    Off with them, I say. There’s enough Paddies knocking about here. Besides, it lowers the dole costs. So let’s not be having any American wakes.