Steam Tram on the Antrim Road…

…and other assorted images.  Spotted by Crooked Timber’s John Holbo.  “The National Library of Ireland is on Flickr, contributing public domain photos to the Commons.”  I’ve picked out a few.

The first is a steam tram outside Chichester Park on the Antrim Road, Belfast, circa 1897.

And some horse-drawn tram cars at Rostrevor, County Down, circa 1878.

Finally a view of High Street, Belfast, again circa 1897.

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  • thethoughtfulone


  • The first picture of a steam tram outside Chichester Park.

    Are you sure it’s a tram and not just rest hut for the drivers and conductors at the end of the line?

  • joeCanuck

    I would have loved to have seen it in operation.