POTD – Titanic Quarter

Seen from the Lagan Boat Company boat Mona. Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the launching of the Titanic hence the White Star liner flag. The Titanic tour is well worth the effort and cruising around the harbour is a pleasant way to spend and hour and a half whilst hearing of the history of the shipyard.

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  • Hello MP

    If you rotate this pic 180 degrees you can see a big fish swallowing a mackerel.

    The TQ should be very impressive when complete, already its shaping up very nicely. Have you got a complete photographic record?


  • Hi Articles
    I think it looks impressive though it is situated right in front of the old drawing office so you can no longer see it properly from the water.
    No i missed a trick as regards that particular gig but i have more than enough to be getting on with at the mo

  • HeinzGuderian

    Thank you very much for this.

  • Thanks MP

    Just a thought and there is no side to this comment.

    I hope you’ve made arrangements for posterity for your photographic essays. Perhaps PRONI might be interested. Your work is just as valuable as the historic or contemporary document.

  • Thanks articles……I think i’m right in saying that the British Library is already archiving slugger and has been for a couple of years 😉
    I’m open to offers though

  • Brian


    Thanks MP