POTD – Recovered assets?

Have the Assets Recovery Agency called?

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  • Trapattoni

    I thought it had been closed for a while, the problem the ARA have is will anyone dare to buy it of them???

  • Rory Carr

    Ulster Volunteer Force – Not For Sale.

    A case of protesting too much I imagine.

  • Mick Fealty
  • The stencilling is new. The pub was in use before i went away so this is more recent i think

  • GreenBack

    They defaulted on that 5 year old agreement:

    “A house and a pub have been seized after two members of an east Belfast family defaulted on a legal settlement to hand over £250,000 in assets.

    “SOCA returned to court claiming that Mr Ludlow and Ms Anderson had defaulted on the resolution. ”


    I remember reading somewhere that the stencilling had gone up after this latest judgement, but cant find the article – maybe Sunday World.

    Dont fancy being the SOCA appointed estate agent charged will selling the pub. Which I guess is what they are trying to achieve.

  • the stencilling is recent (the last 4 weeks)

  • Cynic2

    So presumably that’s why DUP and UUP Councillors were sharing a platform with the political representatives of the UVF last week at the City Hall? With an organisation that openly issues threats like this?

    If I was SOCA I would just knock it down and leave the hole. That’s what happened with Jim Grey’s pub across the street isnt it.

    Local people know that it has been taken off them. That’s what counts

  • YAWN – More running down of East Belfast by the poster

    When will it end ??????????????????????

  • An example of what they have they hold, usually illegally but Cynic 2 is right, their lucrative toy has been confiscated, however many stencils they put there.

  • JR

    Belfast jj, If you have evidence for moochin spraying the pub then you should hand it to the relivant authoraties.

  • JR

    I love the logic that spraying the pub with intimidatory grafiti is ok. The crime is running down east Belfast by taking a photo of it.

  • carl marks

    have to agree with jr here,
    if the morons in east belfast (nt talking about the general population) didnt do this sort of thing then mp would’nt be able to photograph it instead of picking on the messenger you should look at the message. the loyalists are up to there armpits in illegal activitys but this seems to annoy you less than the man with the camera perhaps you would give us a list of things in east belfast that we are allowed to see depicted.

  • joeCanuck

    You are so predictable belfastjj. And, btw, watch that yawn word; it got me a yellow card since Mick didn’t like it, feeling that it wasn’t a comment.

  • Carl – well i put pictures on here last year of the grafitti in the Short Strand – that wee place in East Belfast that MP seems to forget about

    Sinister posters from the Dissidents – KAH etc – Tricolours – INLA flags

    But sure you’ll say he’s not bias !!

    Joe the only thing predictable is MP – and his running down of East Belfast

    He should get a day ticket and visit other parts of Northern Ireland

  • Mick Fealty


    Are you saying MP should not have put this photo up there? If so, why not?

  • Cynic2

    East Belfast doesn’t need any running down. It manages that quite well without help

  • Cynic2

    belfast jj

    How do you know the dissers painted up KAH? Thats traditional marching season graffiti and has been for years before the dissers were a twinkle in their mammys’ eyes

  • andnowwhat

    Kind of sits well with the recent “murals” they put up in E Belfast.

    BTW, did you see the grafitti that said (if voting changed anything they’s ban it” in E Belfast Moochin?

  • GreenBack

    Come on belfastjj
    The last piece by MP was about policing in Dublin.
    What was the agenda there? To do down the southern peelers, Dublin, the ROI or blame it on East Belfast?
    It was, as is this, a honest contribution in my opinion.

    Let’s face it, this bar is a horrible building which is/was owned by horrible people. If MP helps get rid of it, he deserves a slap on the back not on the face.

  • Mick are you saying all the other pictures that MP posts about East Belfast is reflectived of both sides or in fact the majority of the people of East Belfast

    No wonder many people don’t contribute anymore.

    Greenback just review all his pics and see how many is about East Belfast & the Unionist community.

    Cynic2 how do you know i didnt ? unlike others who complained and didn’t

  • joeCanuck


    Why don’t you tell MP where all of the graffiti put up by the “good” people of East Belfast is so he can go and photograph it too.

  • GreenBack

    I’d already gone back but for you I went back, and back, and back, all the way to the start of 2010. I still cannot agree with you.

    Can we not at least agree this is a horrible building that should be knocked down for the people of East Belfast?

  • andnowwhat…I haven’t seen that where is it?

  • andnowwhat


    It’s at that junction that one sweeps around to go up to the N’ards RD (going out of the city) near where that stranded petrol station is.

    Kind of near where the John Peel memorial grafitti is.

  • changeisneeded

    I very much enjoy MP’s work. Its real and what he sees everyday.
    BelfastJJ, driftwood etc… take offense because it paints “their” side as well ….what it is really..

  • carl marks

    i have looked at the past pics by mp and sorry cant see an bias in his work i think the prob here is that like a lot of unionists you would perfer to pretend that the uvf uda rhc lvf etc dont exist as to the short strand i really cant comment as i have been there for a while, but i will say this my national flag (the tricolour) should not be flown as a tribal marker an left to turn into a rag on a lamppost it should be kept for the times when it can be treated with the respect it deserves,
    when i travel to belfast to visit my in laws i am amused to see kerbs (i admit not so often lately) lamposts etc painted red white and blue do these patriots not know what drunks and dogs do on kerbs and lamposts.

  • carl marks

    the next person that calls nationalist’s M O P E’s will be refered to your posts