Championship season gets into gear

One of the sure signs of the imminence of the approaching summer holidays is the beginning of the All-Ireland provincial championships in both hurling and football. Ulster’s preliminary round game has already seen Antrim dumped from the Ulster Senior Football Championship last Sunday, but games across all four provinces today signal that Championship season is well and truly upon us.

In Ulster, Derry play host to Fermanagh, whilst both Cork and Kerry are in action in Munster against the minnows of Clare and Tipperary respectively. The meeting of Sligo and Leitrim in Connacht should prove interesting, whilst Laois-Longford and Kildare-Wicklow in Leinster complete the football ticket for the day.

  • iluvni

    Good luck to Down. Let the ‘consumed with hate 8’ fail spectacularly.

  • Chris Donnelly

    You claiming others are ‘consumed with hate’ is deeply ironic…..

    Nevertheless, your support for the Mournemen in Ireland’s greatest sporting competition is duly noted, though I can’t see them emulating last year’s feat of being within 35 minutes of glory.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’m hoping Down lose for exactly the opposite reason but they always were a County of lickspittles 😉

  • grandimarkey

    Ha! Jealousy does not become you, McGregor.

    I was at the final last year and would love to be back again. An Dun Abu!

  • Mark McGregor

    If it was Down vs. Cork again they may as well play God Save the Queen to start.

    Cork – The Regal county
    Down – The ‘Mam’-men

  • John Ó Néill

    Chris – you forgot to mention that Antrim had already broke ground in beating Laois to win their first Leinster SHC game since re-joining 3 years ago.

  • JohnM

    Please some success for Derry this year 🙁

  • Blissett

    Keep an eye on the Waterford – limerick Hurling tie.
    I fancy limerick for an upset, showed good form in the League, and O’Grady will have them pumped up to the rafters. Some good hurlers there too, and waterford are unpredictably at best of times. Limerick first day out is the type of game where they could easily get caught on the hop.

    Im backing Kilkenny and Kerry for the c’ships. Not really 100pc sure why.

  • Comrade_Trotsky

    Refreshing to see some cutting edge analysis on the season and the sport as a whole from the Slugger posters…

    Any real opinions on or predictions for this year’s Championship or is it all just bitter political sloganism?

  • Mark McGregor


    Down to win the Anglo-Celt but not make it to AI final. Cork to take Sam. In things that matter – Saffs to lose their 1st round match and do even worse in and from 3rd Div next year (I think the Baker bounce is over).

    Stick game – don’t follow it well enough to give a prediction.

  • JR

    Down for Ulster and, Dare I say it; Sam.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Story of the Championship so far has to be Leitrim beating Sligo. Smallest population in Ireland. Lose 17 from last year’s squad – injuries, retirements, emigration and 1 death.
    Start with 7 players who’ve never played championship before.

    Bring on the Rossies.

  • An Ceide

    I’ll go for an Armagh v Monaghan ulster final with Armagh edging it to make up for last years rediculous sending off!

    not biased at all.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    I see UEFA are refusing to move the Champions League final to avoid a clash with Armagh and Down on Saturday evening.