Hope for Stoneyford Catholics as main abuser finally revealed as a pederast

It is terrible that the main hope for an end to decades of sectarian abuse in Stoneyford lies in the final conviction of ringleader, criminal, key Orange figure and proven pederast Mark Harbinson.

With his long overdue gaoling, hopefully Slugger can close its coverage on the multi-faceted campaign he directed across this small village and further afield for close to 20 years – unless some of his proteges are waiting in the wings to pick up the many crimes he masterminded or committed from Stoneyford Orange Hall?

Unfortunately we do have to ask – has the Orange Order saw fit to expel him this time?

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  • Mark

    The sexual assault conviction warrants a thread of it’s own . This is the topic I want to comment about . This guy seems to be an animal , a sexual predator ( the worst kind ) . How can he be given just 3 years for a crime as serious as this . With remission and time served , he could be out in a year . And then what happens , he is a danger to young children but it seems that maybe he could now become a political football himself ……… as Mark McG’s question to the OO suggests ….

  • Nunoftheabove

    Is the expulsion question rhetorical ?

  • PaulT

    I don’t think the Order expelled their members in Liverpool who were jailed for terrorism offences, the reason being that they had not broken the Orders rules even though

    “‘activities of the highly illegal UVF have been concealed by the lawful activity of Protestant unionism which operates under the banner of the Loyal Orange Lodges in Liverpool’.”

    So unlikely to be chucked out although he used a Orange hall.

    HOWEVER, will the public think it right to fund an organisation that is home to terrorists and Paedos

  • Cynic2

    I agree that he should be dismissed.

    But then I am a purist on these matters. I also through that SF should have excluded a certain councillor and some senior members of the party long before they did and that the Catholic Church should do the same with certain priests.

    All of these organisations seemed paralysed when faced with these perverts. That is what allows they to hide and thrive. I am not sure if its fear of the political backlash that will flow from exposure or simply a desire to cover up for their colleagues who may be guilty of the most awful crimes

  • Cynic2


    “will the public think it right to fund an organisation that is home to terrorists and Paedos”

    Worse than that. They vote for them

  • The question that needs to be answered first is why this scum was allowed to terrorise Stoneyford for so many years

  • Nunoftheabove


    Not simply allowed to; facilitated, accompanied, colluded with, applauded even. Apparently without any meaningful consequence, reprimand or sanction. As to whether there was any interest in any of this, still less or condemnation of it, on behalf of public representatives from within political unionism or the loyal orders, I don’t have the facts. I dare say someone has chapter and verse on this, assuming there might be any such thing.

  • Cynic2

    By the way Mark isn’t he a paedophile as well as a pederast

  • Mark Harbinson has been expelled from the Orange Order.

  • Nunoftheabove


    On what grounds exactly ?

  • carl marks

    Mark doesnt have to worry if past experience is anything to go by he can rejoin after he gets out of prison the trick is to claim your saved they let you back in and any hatred shown against catholics is down to deeply help doctrinal beliefs and gods fault not yours.
    How did he get away with using a orange hall for a base they had to know what he was up to but as usual turned a blind eye as long as he was giving it to the taigs it didnt matter what he was doing to the kids

  • Re Mark’s other article which no longer is taking comments(?)

    I have crossed words with Mark in the past but on Stoneyford his narrative is accurate and if anything underplays what’s being going on in Stoneyford.

    One of my children shared a classroom with a child from Stoneyford, they were good friends, and visited each other’s house with of course we parents picking them up and meeting. Sufficeth to say some very very bad people there, and the police failed the entire village over many years.

  • carl marks

    iv got a yellow card if iv cant see were i earned it maybe some mayb someone could explain to me the rules on these cards

  • carl marks

    the mark refered to on my post of 21 may 3.39 was mark harbinson
    not mark mc gregor is perhaps there some confusion over that

  • Mark McGregor


    Mick gave the card and he seems to have called it wrong. He usually isn’t about on a Sunday to remove it and it’ll expire in 24hrs anyhow (most likely before he is around again).

  • carl marks

    cheers mark