It’s quiet in the Kings Hall … #belw11 and #bels11 and #av state of play

Midnight in Kings Hall. The Belfast South and Belfast West Assembly counts have been suspended until 9am. The state of play in terms of surplus redistribution can be seen in more detail if you clock on the shots of the scoreboards.

Five to one. Northern Ireland’s referendum counts are still continuing …and consequently have delayed the final announcement of the UK-wide totals from Friday until Saturday! Bristol was the second last hub to finish – at 9.30pm. Four hours later, NI is about to declare. The Electoral Commission folks waiting around in the Excel Centre HQ in London will be getting impatient!

Here There will be three Yes campaign representatives and one member of the public to witness the result.

If reports are correct, NI will have more constituencies declaring a majority Yes than the whole of the rest of the UK put together.

Update – see the second post with the video of the announcement – just for completeness – when the declaration was finally made in NI at 2.10am!

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