Eligible electorate increases 9.2% from 2007 Assembly election

The Electoral Office for NI have released the eligible electorate numbers for the three elections running on Thursday. Some of the changes can be put down to boundary changes, others are about an increasing population. But a lot must be down to increased voter registration.

The overall eligible electorate in NI has risen from 1,107,904 in March 2007 to 1,210,009 – that’s a 9.2% rise.

The chart shows the changes per constituency, in descending order of percentage change.

eligible electorate - changes between 2007 and 2011 assembly election

Update – to try and fathom what’s going on, I’ve graphed the annual figures for the last six years. You’ll need to click on it to blow up the graph.

eligible electorate amended added may 2011
Updated again – added in the May 2011 Assembly eligible electorate – which is the most recent figure and higher than the earlier published 2011 one.