DENI appeal “abuse of power” ruling

The BBC report that the Northern Ireland Department of Education, including presumably the NI Education Minister Sinn Féin’s Caitriona Ruane, have lodged an official appeal against the “abuse of power” ruling that followed a judicial review of the minister’s refusal to provide funding for Loreto Grammar School’s planned new-build on its existing site in Omagh.

From the BBC report

Loreto Grammar School in Omagh was promised new premises by a previous education minister in 2004.

However, this decision was reversed by Catriona Ruane.

The minister said the school would instead be re-built as part of a multi-school complex at Omagh’s former Lisanelly Army camp.

The high court judgement said the school had been treated unfairly in what amounted to an “abuse of power”, and it quashed the decision not to build the £15m school.

It also quashed the decision which declared the school’s plans were not compliant with Department of Education policy.

Solicitors for the school said the appeal was lodged within the time limit, but it is not clear when it will go to court.