Tweeting Fishy Minister makes it a Twitter election after all?

I’m not sure that the scales fell from the DUP leader’s eyes, but when Peter Robinson fell into his fish pond this afternoon, it certainly gave us all a laugh. And by the string of tweets that followed, his iPhone wasn’t in his pocket when he slipped.

1) The Good Lord punishes any desecration of His day. I’ve been busy these last weeks and feeling guilty that my Koi Carp were neglected.

2) What harm could it be to remove all that algae from the side of the pond and make God’s little creatures more content? So I set about it.

3) half way through making my fish feel better about themselves I lost my footing and headlong fell into the pond. That was the easy part.

4) Getting out of a pond with slippy sides is not easy especially as the water level is beyond the level of my mouth and nose.

5) Call for help went unanswered as family either chortled and convulsed or searched for insurance policies.The FM issue was almost settled.

6). I only want tweets of sympathy.

Responses about slippery slopes, “carping” on about issues and expressions of concern about my fish do not meet my need for sympathy.

It’s a humorous side to Peter Robinson that isn’t often seen by the public. Perhaps the unmediated nature of social media like Twitter is allowing politician’s personalities to shine through their more formal image?

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  • As a man with a much smaller fish pond, I know the feeling.
    At least none of his grandchildren said “do it again granda”

  • Alan, I’ve just had a quick skelly at Pete’s tweets. Perhaps it was unwise of him to make this jibe on Friday: “Yes. The water is on me. No charges”. “Vengeance is mine” – said the Lord of the Treasury 🙂

  • Cynic2

    Aw bless……makes him seem almost human…just before the election too

  • The Word

    As an educated Jesuit I can suggest a meaning in relation to the royal wedding on Friday that he attended. May be it was just a wake up call about getting baptised. When was Kate baptised again?

  • So it seems the rumours about Peter Robinsion bending over backwards to facilitate a car park in his constituency are true.

    Sorry I’ve just re read that, it should read:

    So it seems the rumours about Peter Robinsion bending over backwards to facilitate a carp ark in his constituency are true.

  • Jack2

    Of course you did Peter, of course you did.

  • anncooper

    No doubt, theres something fishy going on here!

  • actually the carp ark joke is the best.

  • articles – you deserve a prize – a gold fish in a plastic bag of water perhaps?!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Holy moly, this is his pond ? It’s more like a bleedin’ reservoir.

  • Wabbits

    So Peter Robinson has a pond the size of the Creggan reservoir. How the other half live, eh ? This should endear him further to the working class voters of East Belfast who don’t have a pot to piss in never mind a pond full of expensive carp.

    Yet more swish from the family Robinson.

  • Munsterview

    Now folks credit where credit is due : Peter falling into a pond is progress, at least he is staying well away from canals where he could have made a much bigger splash !

  • Munsterview

    Jeeze; just looked up the pond photo.

    In the spirit of the new North South co-operation I must get Martin to have a word with Peter about the possibility of winter moorings in it for the yacht!

  • Comrade Stalin

    In seriousness, it’s good to see that several of our politicians actually do have a sense of humour. You wouldn’t have known it ten years ago.

  • Munsterview

    Comrade S : “In seriousness, it’s good to see that several of our politicians actually do have a sense of humor. You wouldn’t have known it ten years ago…..”

    Full marks to Marty…… that is part of the Sinn Fein agenda to help Unionists discover their funny side. Look at the job Martin did on Big Ian, by the time he transferred to the ‘House Of Lards’ he could do a warm up to a packed theater for a Billy Connoly tour !

  • It really is an impressive billabong.

    Just out of sight are some equally impressive features including the ornamental wooden bridge (over the river of koi), the close protection boys’ hut colloquially known as the lock keeper’s inn, and a replica of the palace of Versailles (each room has a different theme).

    Low tide reveals some but not all of the dead bodies, on occasion Jim Allister in a midget submarine on a reconnaissance mission to save Ulster, and some instantly recognisable pond life not normally available in an acquatic supplier.

    Indeed the whole has been declared a wetlands conservation area and local, national and international funding sourced to ensure it remains a sanctuary for wildlife of whatever hue. There are some reports of an eagle’s nest being built but no official confirmation.

    To lessen the impact of the Ministerial convoys on local roads planning permission has been granted for a heliport alongside the six berth marina and flight paths to George Best City airport and Stormont have been agreed, but rumours of a golf course taking advantage of the low cost of development land, £5 a strip, have been consistently denied.

  • “help Unionists discover their funny side”

    MV, I thought you have ‘discovered’ Sammy Wilson. He’s been the DUP’s ‘warm-up’ man for years 🙂

    As for Comical Marty, Big Ian’s ‘deputy’ jibe wiped the smile off his face. He had to go easy on him after that; it was too much to see a grown man greet.

  • Comrade Stalin

    MV, it’s a shame Marty didn’t put those talents to good use elsewhere – Gerry Adams has a reputation of being humourless and dour.

  • joeCanuck

    lol @ articles

  • Bungditin

    Surprising £5 Pete hasn’t thought of filling the pond in and building houses over it.

  • the koi are probably worth more than the land.
    I have a few myself.

  • I hasten to add I have VERY few.
    The pond is very small.
    And the actual koi are much smaller than Peter Robinsons. I recall seeing them on Hearts and Minds. I believe his favourite is called Mabel.

  • Munsterview

    ComradeS : “it’s a shame Marty didn’t put those talents to good use elsewhere – Gerry Adams has a reputation of being humourless and dour….”

    Cannot always go by what is in the public sphere : some people would claim that the Alliance Party is non Unionist and democratic !