Some surprising SNP support emerges…

The Scotland on Sunday comes out of the closet with an editorial of some ferocity:

“…The fact is that Labour’s campaign has been appallingly negative and treated the electorate with contempt.
Both main thrusts of its campaign have been deceptive and can only have been constructed against a view that we, the electorate, are stupid.
Initially Iain Gray, in a shameless attempt to re-create their success at the Westminster elections last year, again raised the spectre of Thatcherism and the Tories. At the launch of its manifesto the Labour pledge card began with the words: “Now the Tories are back…” This was simply a scare tactic raising a non-existent bogeyman – or bogeywoman in this case. A Labour government in Holyrood is not going to pose any serious opposition to a Westminster coalition – the only place the Tories are back. He knew that. He was simply hoping for a Pavlovian reaction to the word Tories. But few delivered the response he was after.”
In contrast:
“..Alex Salmond has proved he can stand up for Scotland on the national and international stage and acquit himself well. Tellingly, in this election, he has spoken with passion about his grand vision for Scotland, a vision that sees the country harnessing its population’s creativity and its natural environment and exploiting its moment in time to be a global leader in renewable energy technology. We may be wary of some of the claims, and know that there is a long way to travel, but we should admire and applaud its ambition.”
And the Herald (you need to register but it’s free) The SNP deserve a second term.
“In an interview with this newspaper before campaigning got underway, Salmond said that he intended to fight the election on two fronts: the “business of vision” and the “quality of his team”. The ensuing weeks have vindicated this strategy. On top of this it has Salmond, who has grown in stature as First Minister. The SNP deserve another term in office, not because the alternative is so poor but because their vision and talent genuinely represent the best hope for our country’s future.”