Assembly and AV votes will be complete by Big Breakfast time…

Verification of the papers for two out of the three votes will be counted by the time of our Big Breakfast event on Monday 9th May. According to the Electoral office, they are taking no chances of an overrun on to the Sabbath, with verification of Assembly and Local Government elections starting verfication at 8am on Friday:

The count of the NI Assembly ballot papers will begin once the verification process has been completed. It is expected that the election results will be declared on Saturday 7 May.

The count of referendum ballot papers begins at 4.00pm, and must conclude on that same day. Jenny Watson the UK wide count officer explains:

It is important that voters know who represents them, and who will form new governments and councils, as soon as possible. Starting the referendum count the next day means that the counts for the scheduled elections can take place as soon as possible after the close of poll, while also allowing the result of the referendum to be counted on a UK wide basis, and known in good time.

Ahem, everywhere but here where the results will likely be chuntering on past declaration till Saturday morning. Actually, if previous counts are anything to go by, we’ll be plugged directly into the verification process where we hope to be able to flag up any early, or unexpected, trends in voting patterns.

For the full apres match dope, book your place at the Big Election Breakfast… See you there?


  • Balor-Vy-Ysbaddaden

    The big questions will be…..

    Who will be the new Ministers?
    What do the results means for Northern Ireland?
    Who’s in, who’s out?
    What are the big challenges for the incoming Executive and Assembly?

    The re-emergence of the IRSP and the fact that Eirigi are going to get a decent result in belfast will prove to be the really important story of this election campaign.It’s like a mirror image of what happened in the recent 26 counties ellection.The arrival of so many independent candidates was the main ‘concrete developement’.Although some polled poorly on their first outing,the problem the left/right wing will face in the next local elections will be catastrophic for all,or most of the existing political parties.Sinn fein for example,dispite thousands/millions,the backing of the mainstream media,could be in for a rude awakening.If James Connollys maxim of the odds being 10,000 to 1 against the working-class was true in 1916,then 95 years on the odds maybe not so bad as people think.If for example,50 independents stood in one constituency,and all polled 10 votes each,that would give them 500 votes.That could cost 2/3 parties a seat.It would certainly give some voice to the ‘working-class’.If that philosaphy is applied stratigically accross Dublin,the capital of the ‘free state’,a lot of politicans would really feel ‘insecure’.As Martin McGuinness said ‘without leadership,chaos will be the order of the day’.

    It is important that voters know who represents them-It’s more important that everybody votes.(the odds of sinn fein getting re-elected are staggeringly high.Probably 1 2 100,000,in their favour.The odds of sinn fein losing 100 seats in the next local elections,in the south are also staggeringly high……The road has opened for the ‘next generation….Go n-eiri an bothair leo….As the former chief-of-staff of the IRA in the 1950s,Sean McBride said:We have a duty as Republicans to exhaust the Political Process.

  • Nordie Northsider

    ‘….the fact that Eirigi are going to get a decent result in belfast…

    Two questions: how is a projected vote in a future election ‘a fact’ and what constitutes ‘decent’?

  • Your big election breakfast is at the same time as the local authority counts start.

    Also, the verification of all three sets of ballot papers will be completed on Friday morning. It is the counting of votes that goes on into Tuesday. Verification is just checking that the papers are in the right boxes, and the totals in the boxes match the total votes recorded in the polling stations.

  • Balor-Vy-Ysbaddaden

    ‘….the fact that Eirigi are going to get a decent result in belfast…

    Two questions: how is a projected vote in a future election ‘a fact’ and what constitutes ‘decent’?

    Well i think the contribution that the IRSP has made to Irish political life has been writen off by your question.Tony Gregory was a man whose politics were nurtured in the cradle of the the ‘socialist republican movement.You can ask any northside dubliner from the flats about his record on the anti-drugs(HEROIN KILLS)campaign.A lone voice in the wilderness for decades.

    On his election in February 1982 he immediately achieved national prominence through the famous “Gregory Deal”, which he negotiated with Fianna Fáil leader Charles Haughey. In return for supporting Haughey as Taoiseach, Gregory was guaranteed a massive cash injection for his inner-city Dublin constituency, an area beset by poverty and neglect.

    The deal was witnessed by ITGWU leader Michael Mullen and all details were made public.The written agreement included commitments to nationalise a 27-acre (110,000 m2) site in Dublin Port and Clondalkin Paper Mills. A total of £4 million was to be allocated to employ 500 extra people in the inner city, while 3,746 jobs were to be created over three years. State funding would be provided to build 440 new houses in the constituency and another 1,600 in the rest of Dublin. The whole deal was worth an estimated £100 million at the time in comparison to the £850,000 deal offered by Garret Fitzgearld (Fitzgerald also insulted Gregory by keeping him waiting for over an hour at Government Buildings before meeting him).Although Gregory was reviled in certain quarters for effectively holding a government to ransom, his uncompromising commitment to the poor was widely admired. Fianna Fáil lost power at the November 1982 general election, and not all of the promises in the Gregory Deal were delivered.He continued to campaign on local issues and issues of social justice, particularly the drugs problem. In 1986, Gregory and Sinn Féin Councillor Christy Burke spent two weeks in Mountjoy Prison arising from protest activities during a campaign in support of Dublin inner city street traders.

    Gregory remained a TD from 1982 and, although he never held a Cabinet position, remained one of the country’s most recognised Dáil deputies. He always refused to wear a tie in the Dáil chamber stating that many of his constituents could not afford them.

    If your aware of inner-city dublin life you would want a man like this on your side.Clondalkin paper mills,like the rest of clondalkin was bargained and sold by Haugheys Fianna Fail.Although i think the record of the ULAs bargaining power can also be seen quite clearly outside my front door.
    Imagine 14 sinn fein tds fighting for funds for the workin’-class.Not going to happen.Clondalkin is a waste ground that people like nowhere else in Dublin.I personally believe Sinn Feins parachute tactics/student-wanna-b-tds will come back to haunt them.Eoin O’Broin polled 3,000+votes in the last election.I can’t afford to buy a copy.It’s not available at the local library(In south clondalkin).I do believe he’s an articulate guy.Especially with his record as a west-belfast councellor.Sinn fein,as the saying goes,have truely put the cat amongst the pigeons.

  • Balor-Vy-Ysbaddaden

    NB:Imagine 14 sinn fein tds fighting……

    NB:I can’t afford to buy a copy of Left Republicanism.It’s not available in the(not so local library in south clondalkin).

    North Clondalkin is a waste ground like nowhere else in Dublin.

  • Henry94


    So Eirigi are going to get a big vote because of the great deal Tony Gregory got out of Charlie Haughey in 1982? Is it?

  • Balor-Vy-Ysbaddaden

    So Eirigi are going to get a big vote because of the great deal Tony Gregory got out of Charlie Haughey in 1982? Is it?

    In all fairness to Tony Gregory,that must have been like getting blood out of a stone.I think history,re-written by the working-class will certainly vindicate people like Tony Gregory.The mob,as the Romans would say,can be fickle.

    If your ever in the northside of dublin,walk through Cahal Brugha Street,towards Sean McDermott Street,and have a look at the flame in the centre.All the women ‘o the tenements put their dead childerns jewelery into that bronze flame…the mothers of the dead heroin addicts who died as Haughey strolled through Thomas Street wearing 1980s Armani suits,priced at the then princely sum of 5000+.If the ‘socialist republican community hadn’t produced Tony Gregory,then i can assure you,that Bronze flame would be as tall as the ‘spike’ in O’Connell St.

    So Great and Tony Gregory,in my book fit well together.
    Belfast is only a fraction of the size of Dublin.1million+ in dublin.That means belfast has a population 10 times smaller than dublin.So if i was a working-class father from belfast,i’d be happy with 10+votes.Anything else is a bonus.
    Considering what they’ve endured up there,100+ vottes would be nothing short of a miracle.

  • john

    So exactly when should we expext to know all the 108 MLA’S

  • RyanAdams

    Saturday night at the absolute latest I would guess.

    Although I think we could expect Initial count results coming through on Friday evening. In 2007, first result was out at just after 2pm but the referendum being done first complicates things.

    Wish they would switch to overnight counting, although STV usually does run into the small hours anyway.