Assembly and AV votes will be complete by Big Breakfast time…

Verification of the papers for two out of the three votes will be counted by the time of our Big Breakfast event on Monday 9th May. According to the Electoral office, they are taking no chances of an overrun on to the Sabbath, with verification of Assembly and Local Government elections starting verfication at 8am on Friday:

The count of the NI Assembly ballot papers will begin once the verification process has been completed. It is expected that the election results will be declared on Saturday 7 May.

The count of referendum ballot papers begins at 4.00pm, and must conclude on that same day. Jenny Watson the UK wide count officer explains:

It is important that voters know who represents them, and who will form new governments and councils, as soon as possible. Starting the referendum count the next day means that the counts for the scheduled elections can take place as soon as possible after the close of poll, while also allowing the result of the referendum to be counted on a UK wide basis, and known in good time.

Ahem, everywhere but here where the results will likely be chuntering on past declaration till Saturday morning. Actually, if previous counts are anything to go by, we’ll be plugged directly into the verification process where we hope to be able to flag up any early, or unexpected, trends in voting patterns.

For the full apres match dope, book your place at the Big Election Breakfast… See you there?

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