The Big Election Breakfast: Morning after the nights before…

As Election Day draws near Slugger will be teaming up with Stratagem once again, to bring you another of our Big Breakfast events on Monday 9th May from 8:00am to 10:00am in the Penthouse at the Europa Hotel where people will gather to discuss and analyse the results that will emerge over the post-election weekend.

The Stratagem Slugger O’Toole Big Election Breakfast is once again very kindly supported by the Hastings Europa Hotel.

The format will be loose, informal, free-flowing and conversational. I’ll be presiding a rolling panel of guest to answer questions and ponder issues as they arise.

The big questions will be…..

Who will be the new Ministers?
What do the results means for Northern Ireland?
Who’s in, who’s out?
What are the big challenges for the incoming Executive and Assembly?

The cost of the event is £15 (including VAT) including a light breakfast (Tea, Coffee, Selection of Fruit Juices, Croissants served with Butter and Fruit Preserves, Bacon Rolls/ Egg Rolls).

To book your ticket, click here:

We very much look forward to seeing you for some or all of the time and hearing your analysis.