Milliband, Balls and Gray (and Ulster mercenaries..).. try some Rough Wooing…

As the latest opinion polls, quoted on Political Betting, begin to indicate a shift directly to the SNP from Scottish Labour, Labour react. That’s from Hamish MacDonell in the Spectator:

Can Ed Miliband and Ed Balls save Labour in Scotland? The two Labour heavyweights have decided to move in to rescue their party’s disastrous campaign in Scotland — with Balls being sent up north to sharpen his party’s teeth. A desperate measure for a desperate situation: Labour has not only blown a 10-15 point lead over the SNP in just a few weeks, but now languishes some 10-13 percentage points behind. A mammoth, humiliating defeat looms.

It’s not inevitable however. Never underestimate the thrawn resilience of Scottish Labour….However they are up against a Party that can deliver 1.4m leaflets over a holiday weekend…From the Herald:

How many have they ended up printing? Almost one-and-a-half million.
The scary thing for others in Scottish politics just now is not that the Nats have Brian Souter’s money. Our politics are no longer just about money, although that is still an important factor.
The point is that over the Easter holiday weekend SNP activists believe they can deliver 1.4 million publications. It is this belief, held by grassroots supporters, that will terrify the Labour Party.

It’s going to be an interesting week or so…

Update from the comments below – Volunteers Required..