Off with her head?

UPDATE – video of the ‘execution’:

It has variously been described as tasteless, juvenile, pathetic, street theatre and much more – tomorrow éirígí intend to chop Elizabeth Windsor’s head off in the centre of Dublin.

YouTube video

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  1. Next time you here Eirigi describe an Orange parade as “coat-trailing” remember this.

    Pretty desperate attention seeking. Pitiful.

  2. Don’t be too hard on them. This is what passes for political sophistication for corner-boys.

  3. More like puerile than juvenile. They are deliberately trying to upset some folks and, instead, make themselves look stupid.

  4. “The mock guillotining of Elizabeth Windsor symbolises that which needs to happen to all of those political and economic systems which are based upon inherited privilege, imperialism and class. The time of monarchy, imperialism and exploitation is well and truly past. Nothing makes that point quite as clearly as the guillotine.”

    A bit too forward and direct but most people will understand the point they’re making, in the modern world there’s no such place for inherited privilege.

  5. Yep it will be very clear, eirigi will be there ceremoniously beheading a woman in her late eighties, worse everyone knows she never had any power. She is a head of state, much like the Irish President and with about as much power.

    It will look sick and that is only right because it is sick.

  6. Pip very endearing, the poor old lady is the richest woman in the world and the largest landowner, all gained on the backs of poor people, “never had any power” she’s the commander in chief of the British Military – are you saying they wouldn’t act on her word.

  7. tacapall

    She is not the head of the British Military in anything other than name. I hate to disillusion you but most fortunes are made on the breaking backs of over worked and underpaid people.

    The days of the French Revolution are long gone. This is going to look sick. A stupid attention seeking prank on the grounds that any publicity is good publicity and sure they need it. If they didn’t have the ‘Queen’ to behead how many would even know there is an eirigi.

  8. tacapall says:

    ““never had any power” she’s the commander in chief of the British Military – are you saying they wouldn’t act on her word.”

    Well I certainly would. There is no way that the UK armed services would obey HM if she said, “Attack, (for example) Tripoli now!”

  9. Lets hope nobody up North takes so much offence that they decide to burn the Pope in effigy on Twelfth bonfires. That would be er…….traditional and…….er an expression of Culture. And totally different.

  10. Pip there you go then all this mumbo jumbo tradition they have is all just for a laugh, they and their kind are not really in charge of the country and we all pay for their luxurious lifestyles because ……

  11. fjh

    Touché but this is not an Irish tradition. Its not even, as far as I know, a French tradition to symbolically behead anyone they don’t like.

  12. Fitzjameshorse I agree its a bit over the top, I do not agree with how they are putting the message across but I do agree with what their point is.

  13. I hope there are enough Gardai present to protect these eirigi idiots . Most Dubliners even those who are opposed to monarchy as an institution will find this street theatre just another reminder why some of them the ‘nordies ‘ are so backward . If they want to find an effigy to guillotine there are several ex government ministers and bank managers and bishops and cardinals in the Republic who would more than fit the bill . Why insult the head of State of our nearest neighbour ? After all the UK forks out 7 billion pounds a year to keep these ‘nordies’ from having the same standard of living as Albania and without the intervention of the British Army in 1968/69 the nordies would have slaughtered each other by the tens of thousands .

    Will the Brits now start ‘hanging ‘ effigies of President McAleese ? The ‘importation’ of orangeist ritual effigy burnings etc is not something the citizens of Dublin will appreciate .

    My gut reaction to these eirigi idiots is to stick their piece of street theatre up their rear ends .

    Stupid , sick and will have the opposite reaction to what these idiots intend . Have they any political cop on or are they just retards disguised as semi epsilon morons 🙁

  14. Greenflag
    I really wish you would stop referring to the likes of myself (and no doubt, others on here) as “nordies”. And as Fitz said, burning the Pope’s effigy and the Tricolour etc. is “traditional” up here! If you are that much of an idiotic “free stater”, please tell us!

  15. Pippakin, I agree absolutely. I have no time for éirigí and their apologists. Merely seek to point out that such hatred is so embedded in the North that those who are offended by whats happening in Dublin….by the actions of (allegedly republican) buffoons cant seem to notice parallels up here.
    And of course youre absolutely right……such pathetic street theatre has no place in the Souths culture.
    Alas burning the Pope in effigy or the sham fight at Scarva is……..”different”.
    Anyway as any true Jacobite knows……16th April is actually the date of the Battle of Culloden. …when the “true monarchy” was finally defeated by the usurper dynasty.
    Obviously as a Republican, I dont actually care about this………but Paddy McPaddy and the rest of éirigí “republican” sham fighters obviously care.
    “Tandem Triumphans” as they say in éirigí headquarters.

  16. This kind of thing is akin to those awful soft porn movies that one wakes up to in the middle of the night having fallen asleep in front pf some equally awful television police drama hours before – it will be badly done and most unsatisfactory and, more to the point, as an ardent fan of actual royal decapitation, will, like pretend sex, be no substitute for the real thing.

  17. Regicide. On balance Im against it.
    By the way where do I apply for funding to get a Street Party for the Royal (sic) Wedding. Under parity of esteem I think republican districts should be cashing in…… be given the opportunity of celebrating with Kate and Harry.

  18. This is just populist street theatre trying to appeal to the public – but the very stupid members of the public, a bit like those mind numbing TV shows like Britains Got Talent, the X Factor etc….using the lowest common denominator to appeal to folk but in this case it is to get get a sinister message across. These eirigi/dissadent folk want to cause major disruption around this visit for it is their mission to continue the portrayal of us Irish as being violent, ignorant and generally thick. They deliberately want to damage the image of Ireland abroad. It is in their sole mission to destroy the tourism industry and continue the partition of this island, driving the wedge in deeper between our people. If they knew Irish and British history they would know that the English queen today has been reduced to a mere symbolic figurehead. Gas too, how they become all devout catholic and equate the pope with the queen – citing the annual burning of his effigy by the cranky nordy prods as their ticket to do something similar with the queen, when in fact, the pope, the great protector of child rapists holds no weight with the most Irish folk today.

  19. Ps the ones on the video look almost respectable. Whats the betting the shell suited wonders wont quite cut the same image? Will they manage to entice the weemin out of their PJs for the photo-call this time?

    And if they do wear 18th Century costume that will about demonstrate their mindsets.

    The more I see this, the more deliciously stupid and counter productive for them it becomes

  20. “And if they do wear 18th Century costume that will about demonstrate their mindsets”.

    So tell us why the poor old lady is queen of england and dont forget to add in the princes, princesses, sir’s, dames, knights,barons,marquesses, lords, dukes, earls etc etc most of them are inherited, unnecessary in todays society but paid for by the masses whether we like it or not. I suppose to some thats not a 18th century mindset.

  21. I don’t think they have thought it through. She’s not our head of state so we would have no business beheading her. If the British did it fair enough as it would mean the end of the monarchy.

    But if we did it then Charles would take over. So the protest is just nonsense. You could make a case for assassinating a British head of state but not executing one. So what they should be staging is a pretend bombing or sniper attack. But that would obviously be in appalling taste.

    I think I know who is doing the thinking on this one.

  22. As a republican I am against the idea of a monarchy. As an Irish Republican I want to see the British state leave Ireland.

    However I dont see the big issue with this visit – I know as a republican I should be, somehow outraged and foaming at the mouth – but alas I am not.

    As for the burning – we leave in a democracy. I think President Shepherd put it best in the film The American President:

    “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can’t just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms.”

    God Bless President Shepherd!!

    So everyone should calm down and let eirigi make its protest – it may be a little dramatic but no-one will really get hurt.

  23. Mr Crumlin

    Oh they have the right, btw are our draconian, recently updated, yet medieval blasphemy laws still in place?

    Its just such a stupid, childish, unIrish thing to do! But yes, they have the right.

  24. The symbolism is ill considered = Too few women in éirigí to contra balance schoolboy passions.

    Much preferable would have been banker/bondholder theatrical executions. They really could’ve tapped into public anger.

    Although it will be interesting to see what level of support they receive on this stunt, I’m not emotionally involved. So the outraged moralizing seems just as silly as the feigned decapitation.

  25. Beheading anyone seems to me a pretty good reason to be outraged even if the victim is a banker.

    I would so much rather bankrupt the banker and make sure he lives in the penury he so richly deserves. As for eirigi if the boys have a problem finding girlfriends they should blame it on acne not the British monarchy.

  26. Culloden…………..a very interesting fact…………more Clans turned out to fight for King George,than they did for Charlie !! Still,nice to see * republicans * supporting * their King * ??

    I have asked this question before,alas,to no avial. But let me ask again………….Dear Aul Oirland,in hock,up to its neck to Europe,still whinges about a British presence ? I am curious…………why no whinging about their European Masters ??

    800 years of backing the losing side…………,that’s gotta hurt !! 😉

  27. The real Q is-
    1)Was it a real head?
    2)Will Prince Williams head be chopped off next year?
    3)Harrolds the year after?
    4)Has it made a jot of difference to the Travelling Community?
    5)Did anyone take a day of work/college?
    6)Will it stop emmigration/create .0000001 jobs?

    Answers on a postcard from the edge.(winner to be announced in 10 years)

  28. Mr Guderian, always a pleasure to meet a fellow enthusiast of Jacobite History, a life time study for many.
    Im not a great Jacobite myself (more a Jacobin to be honest) and persona non grata with Jacobites (they havent gone away you know).
    More clans of course turned out to fight for Charles the rapist, and serial abuser of women and drunk. Varying degrees of enthusiasm of course (the rank and file had no choice obviously) but nevertheless the numbers are there.

  29. Heinz,a chara,culloden as u may or may not be aware is still disputed.I actually had a blazin’ row wit an academic one day about this matter.You see on youtube there’s a video called Go,Move,Shift,(1 eye on the road),whereby a traveller woman gives the clan history,oral,or as the Gaeil would say,the craobh cuimhne version of events.This womans account of the battle of Culloden throws orthodox history out the window.Historians and revisionists can say what they like,this lady knows the sceal.There is a clear distinction between gypsys/tinkers.The thinkers can’t dispute this fact because if she is wrong in her account,where are todays clans?The tinkers are the last of the clans.The McDonnaghs,The O’Connors,The Byrnes.
    It was the McDonalds who betrayed Scotland,not the tinkers
    or the Horsesmiths,Pearl-Fishers o’ the Highlands.The Helper McDonalds.As far as i remember the queen stil sits down on our stone,where our chiefs where coronated for thousands of years.In the old days they say the ancestors dragged this big stone accross the alps,as the clans were chased outta the european heartland for raiding Rome(391b.c).There was no reasoning with the Greeks in them days.Hercules my ahhh.

  30. Mark McG.

    I went on to eirigi website and ended up watching a video broadcast for one of the party’s candidates in Upper Falls. After it was over I was surprised to see the next video was a Real IRA video.

    Was this just a coincidence or a blurring of the lines?

  31. “So tell us why the poor old lady is queen of england”

    …. because we choose her to be. If we want to change that we vote in a Government and Parliament to do so. Its called democracy

  32. “good crowd, there must have been at least 25 at it”

    … lets take out the Queen herself, at least 2 Special Branch men, 2 more Branch Agents, 1 MI5 agent and two lost American Tourists and that comes to a net figure of ……?

  33. I dont think that was really the Queen, and i dont think that the person dressed up to look a little like the queen really got their head cut off, and i dont think eirigi would have the balls to kill the Queen.

  34. MMcG cheers for the video, comedy gold! i will revise my count..there must have been at least 15 at it…

  35. “After all the UK forks out 7 billion pounds a year to keep these ‘nordies’ from having the same standard of living as Albania”


    Er, I think the seven billion was donated to you folks and for the very reason you mentioned.

  36. Wtf leamdearg. Why do you have to bring balls into it? As if it wasn’t surreal enough…..

    Ohh what an anticlimax. And not a drop of fake blood.

    Actually the points raised for the ‘jury’ were interesting & at least had been thought through, which partially compensated for the askew symbolism of guillotine.

  37. Interesting words from an englishman

    “As a freeborn and patriotic Englishman, I unapologetically expel from the furthermost reaches of my anus the most rancid and hideously foul smatterings of diarrhoea upon every aspect of the anti-English and treasonous “Royal Family”.

  38. If they’d used Ding Dong Denny O’ Reilly’s “The craic we had the day we died for Ireland” as the soundtrack I might just have been inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unlikely though, if I’m honest. And, sure enough, they didn’t. Backstreet irony bypass surgery scars all over it. Looks like they have secured some form of member benefit tie-in with JJB Sport by the looks of it, mind you.

  39. Pippakin /Tacapall

    That English ‘republican ‘ makes our lot sound like kindergarten children – Ferocious stuff altogether . Alas only 20% of the English favour removing the monarchy another 40% are not fussed either way and 40% are committed ‘royalists ‘ too many to have ‘committed’ anyway 😉

    A not well known fact about British history is the existence of an underground resistance of United Englishmen and United Scotsmen who also opposed the Hanoverian monarchy in the late 18th century and who took their principles from the French Revolution . Many had their ‘political ‘ opinions formed in the American Revolutionary War . Like the United Irishmen they were infiltrated by monarchists and betrayed to the King’s ‘men ‘. At least in Ireland they got to the stage of an armed uprising but then circumstances were better for such an undertaking at that time in Ireland .

  40. Greenflag

    Many a time England has been a hotbed of furtive rebellion. In each case the government/monarchy of the day gave the minimum necessary to prevent rebels gaining popularity.

    If you think about it the present AV debate is a case in point, everyone knows FPTP is not a fair system. AV, which is not much better, is offered as a sop and there is even going to be a referendum, what could be more democratic than that.

    Personally I don’t like royalty, but then I ask myself would I have liked a a President Blair or a President Brown? So far the Queen is well ahead, albeit on points.

  41. He doesn’t hold anything back, did you watch “The ripple effect” very interesting exposure of the extents to which the “british establishment” will go in their quest to rob the arab nations of their resourses.

  42. Pippakin and wee buns,

    I don’t like monarchies either but are you both content with ” the Jews are conspiring to dominate the world” theme?

  43. wee buns,

    That’s fair enough as far as you’re concerned but I have a nagging suspicion that most people will equate zionism with Jewishness.

  44. Joe

    You are right I should have paid more attention. I found the anti monarchy parts very funny but listening again (instead of glossing) I thought it a bit anti semetic.

    How lucky Slugger is to have you keeping watch, especially since anti semitism is not unknown here…

  45. At least they were careful to stop the guy in the dress losing any more of his hair at the end.

    I can’t work out how serious Eirigi are about the anti-Brit stuff. It seems overblown.

    It’s almost like having accused Sinn Fein of using the pretence of a socialist revolution to advance a sectarian agenda of catholic nationalism Eirigi are turbo-charging their sectarian rhetoric to advance socialism because that’s the best way to get a natural sense of grievance out of an Irishman.

    Pretty ugly either way.

  46. I don’t think we need expend any time wondering or guessing whether they’re anti-semitic or not; they undeniably are by virtue of their outspoken and very unapologetic supporters of Hamas and other very explicitly anti-semitic groups; their support for the caliphatist ‘resistance’ in Afghanistan and Iraq also speaks volumes about their entirely bogus anti-imperialist credentials to say nothing of what it reveals about their utter contempt for representative forms of government vis-a-vis entirely unrepresentative totalitarian forms of government including theocracies….except when of course those theocracies happen – historically or situationally – to be allies and/or or client states of western states.

  47. Nunoftheabove

    I support Hamas! and the Palestinian cause, but I don’t like anti semitism. Jewish people are a race as are the Irish. I should have read it properly.

  48. pippakin

    Hamas has anti-semitism sewn into the fabric of its organization’s belief system, its policies and its modus operandi. The Hamas charter is among the most anti-semitic documents published.

    What we are talking about here are not a series of over-casual, ill-judged remarks, it isn’t an exaggerated blurring of anti-zionism, it’s quite openly at the heart of their stated beliefs and political ambitions. Their anti-Judaism is entirely transparent. Support Hamas all you like, just don’t be doing so a la carte or telling me that it’s anything other than rank rotten anti-semitism.

  49. Nunoftheabove

    I disagree! All the Arab states are anti Israel and the behaviour of successive Israeli governments, surely that, considering the plight of the Palestinians, is understandable. Imo that is not anti semitism.

    Israeli governments have, almost since the beginning of the state of Israel, labelled anyone who is anti Israeli government actions as anti Israel. The two are not the same! People might find, if the Israelis stopped murdering people long enough, that the majority of Arab States would come to a practical and agreeable accommodation with the Israeli state.

  50. pippakin

    I’m not asking you to take my word for it, I’m not opinionating on Hamas – there is simply no scope for interpretation on what they say they believe in. Now either you buy into the Protocols of The Elders of Zion on you don’t. If you don’t, in what real sense can you say that you’re a supporter of Hamas and in what real sense can you claim that they’re not anti-Semitic even if you personally don’t believe it ?

    You’ll have to take my word for it that I managed to figure out for myself the difference between anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism and skepticism about and criticism of the motivation and the modus operandi of the Israeli state thanks, I wasn’t in need of your assistance on that front.

  51. Nunoftheabove

    I wasn’t and am not criticising your opinion of Hamas or anything else, nor am I offering you any assistance. I am saying that rhetoric is just that. If anything the actions of successive Israeli governments appear to confirm the words of those who say they are trying to wipe out the Palestinians.

    The day the Israeli government is sincere about peaceful coexistence with a viable Palestinian state is the day everyone will find out how anti Semitic the Arab states and Palestinians are.

  52. pippakin

    So until that time you’re quite happy to support the virulently anti-semitic Hamas organization without any apparent scruples or equivocation.

    Incidentally which Arab states are you referring to specifically ?

    How long do you expect it to take for Hamas to give even semi-progressive elements within Israel a valid reason to support meaningful engagement with it and for the west to take it semi-seriously i.e. at such times as they have fully repudiated the sort of genocidal vitriol about Jews which are central to their beliefs, their policy and their actions ? I can’t see anything that much less loathsome about Hamas than I do about, say, Shas; a cruel, wicked, theocratic sectarian pollutant.

  53. Ah the great anti-Zionist but not ant-Semitic conundrum…anti Israel (the only Jewish nation in the world) yet not anti-Jewish akin to Provo’s been anti-brit not anti-prod…

  54. between the bridges

    Not really a conundrum though, is it ? Not unless you’re stupid it isn’t.

  55. Nunoftheabove

    Whataboutery central.

    Its time you did a little simple arithmetic. How many Palestinians/Arabs have Israel murdered and how many Israelis have Palestine/Arabs murdered. Once you have done that little sum it will be easy to see who is talking and who is shooting.

    For too many years successive Israeli governments have got away with convincing gullible fools that being anti Israeli governments was being anti Semitic. The two are not even close. The Palestinians have a just cause and Hamas is the legitimate government of Palestine.

    Its got nothing to do with the Irish situation, except that Israel has to go back even further than the IRA s claim to the north, to claim Palestinian land as Israel.

  56. Nunoftheothersaboutme… I totally agree!! Those that fool themselves into believing that it was a war against the, imperialist/revolutionary* forces/terror gangs*, rather than a sectarian jimhad by both sides are rather stupid…
    re topic poor Liz. ( jim’s inside so he was is)

    *Insert as per your own brand of whatabouttery.

  57. pippakin

    I’m not whatabouting anything here, I don’t need to; you’re evading the innate anti-semitism of Hamas given your support for them. You could at least be honest enough to acknowledge that.

    I do not need any actuarial lessons from you on the middle east either thanks.

    Indeed the Palestinians do have a just cause, one I support. Hamas is the legal government of Palestine. It can look forward to little from civilized countries other than recognition while it continues to hold the foul doctrine of anti-semitism as it’s organizing principle. No priveleges. Hamas condemns the Palestinians to further misery and pain and will be responsible for some of it in a very direct way. I for one regret that.

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