“The days of the Assembly as a novelty are over…”

This classy little video from Stratagem is the first of a series with comment from a range of voices (yours truly amongst them)… It starts with a review of the last four years…

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  • Jack2

    Interesting video with quite a lot of positive comments on MLA’s; but yet no mention of Ruane and her 11+ fiasco.

    Think you guys went a little easy on them.

  • Mick Fealty

    Ah, you missed Liam… He pointed out that she effectively privatised the 11+… I must admit I d come across a little Pollyanna-ish… but hey, someone’s got to do it..

  • Rory Carr


    All sins of the Pollyannist variety are easily forgiven in light of your highlighting of the failure to attempt to draw up (never mind implement) an anti-poverty strategy – a glaring deficiency that is so neglected precisely because the potential beneficiaries of such a policy have the weakest voice.

  • Does this modified Pollyanna principle apply to Stormont’s problems: structures that fail to work and (or caused by) politicians deficient in the capability to think?

    I’ve seen Minister Poots in action so it was interesting to hear contrasting views on his performance. On the one hand he handled his post with some authority; on the other he failed to reform local government and ducked the issue of a regional park in favour of something or other to do with high hedges.