POTD – Everyone wants to be Kate Winslet

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  • Cynic2

    I dont

  • Reminds me of a scrawl i found at the Thompson Dry Dock

  • aquifer

    How little would it cost to make a copy of the railings at the bow and a fibreglass iceberg to let people really get into it?

  • Not alot aquifer……..There was an exhibition a few years ago (2007) which invoked the film

  • Cynic2

    ” How little would it cost to make a copy of the railings at the bow and a fibreglass iceberg to let people really get into it”

    I am sorry but that is a very simplistic approach.Under the Programme for Government 2008-11, that would make it a “cultural” event so it would come under the Culture Ministry and would have to be vetted for:

    1 possible licentiousness / encouraging young people to enter immoral relationship son cruise ships

    2 danger of encouraging young people to emulate risky behaviorist eg on the prow of the Strangford Ferry (review carried out in conjunction with DRD and HSE)

    3 compliance with Section 75 and 76 of the Northern Ireland Act ie is it capable f translation into both Irish and Ulster Scots versions

    4 will it command cross community support as Titanic was largely built by Prods and therefore should only be celebrated with due recognition of the oppression and suffering of the Catholic working class in pre -Independence Ireland

    5 environmental impact of such widespread use of polystyrene in a public environment (Environment Department) and associated Fire Hazard (Health and Public Protective Services)

    6 impact of use of this volume of polystyrene on availability of supplies for home insulation projects for pensioners (DSD) whose water and electricity have been turned off due to incompetence (DRD)

    All of this means it has to go to the Executive. They will treat it as a matter of Urgency and give you an answer by June 2015

  • Drumlins Rock

    they should just put one of these in front of city hall.


  • HeinzGuderian

    Slip over to Londonderry,moo………some graffitti there about the murder of Constable Kerr. I’d have thought you would have known all about it……………..

  • Don’t think i need to tell you where to go panzer boy you can work that out for yourself.

    Oh and have a look at this incase you missed it yesterday

  • Where in that exhibition do they praise the design decision to leave out half the lifeboats? It wasn’t OK when it left Belfast.

  • Beaky

    Our greatest achievement is one of the world’s most famous disasters – I’m almost bursting with pride!

  • Niall

    The two most famous products of Belfast industry; a shoddily made Protestant built ship that sank on its first voyage and a horrendously undriveable rust bucket of a Catholic built car which sunk almost as quickly.

    All hail Ulster’s glorious industrial past. Should we not be trying to pass these disasters off on others instead of constantly drawing attention to them. I for one will be amending the Titanic Wikipedia entry to show the truth. IT WAS BULIT IN SOUTHAMPTON, we’d nothing to do with it. As for the Delorean, sure everyone knows that was manufactured in Prague.