McNarry apologises for Nolan outburst…

Interesting. Ken Reid reports that even though technically speaking David McNarry was right in suggesting Basil McCrea and John McCallister were unforgiveably breaking ranks on a party line (in suggesting the matter of Martin McGuinness becoming First Minister was not important to them), he has apologised for his outburst on Stephen Nolan’s show last week…

Mr McNarry apologised for his contribution to last week’s First Minister’s row and said the party was now united.

It might have helped if Basil McCrea and John McAllister had been present as well, although Tom Elliott watched from the back row.


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  • Mark

    Yes interesting – interesting that McNarry was allowed to be played like that by Nolan .

    As regards to apology – what else was he going to do ? But the horse and barn door spring to mind .

    It really was a bizzare rant . The comment about McGuinness mentioning the cricket was cave man stuff .

    His only saving grace as far as how nationalist saw the interview was the fact that there were a few pragmatic comments from ordinary protestants after the interview in relation to the McGuinness and The FM issue.

    They should keep him out of harms way ( UUP’s harm way ) until the election is over …

  • Banjaxed

    ‘Horse and barn door’, Mark?
    Glass of whiskey and a gun, more to the point!

  • dennis the menace

    so does this mean that Basil and co are calling the shots? Wonder why Tom Uturned on his DUP idea? did basil and john threanen to do as mcnarry asked and go?

  • dwatch

    Basil & John just might go after they get elected, which is a good possibility. John is the only UUP candidate in S Down and Basil is No1 UUP choice in Laganvalley. Both could declare themselves independents, or deflect to strengthen DUP MLA numbers on the assembly. How would Tom Elliott feel then? Pass the sick bucket please.

  • From an armchair point of view, McNarry’s outburst was pure entertainment. I wonder if McNarry realises that he is laughing stock across Northern Ireland?

    On reflection, the outburst could become a symbol of the UUP’s decline, rather like an attack from a mad rabid dog before it dies.

  • Comrade Stalin

    McNarry isn’t simply going to belt up. He is a loose cannon, has been for some years, and as far back as I can remember has tried to play and manipulate UUP leaders to his own ends. Remember the “Loyalist Commission” ? That was his baby.

    The cricket thing was a typical hallmark of a man who thinks that the BBC is trying to reunify Ireland by stealth through its GAA coverage.

    In general terms .. the UUP are going to lose seats in this election and when that comes I expect you’ll see a leadership crisis.

  • dennis the menace

    Does McNarry have any election posters this year? The ones I see in strangford are of Nesbitt with a small mcNarry in the background? Is David shrinking?

  • Nunoftheabove

    Further evidence of decomposition – the whole rotting edifice is collapsing apace.

    Bleedin’ excellent. 🙂

  • Banjaxed

    ‘Is David shrinking?’
    He may be, but his mouth ain’t.