Finalised Twitter hashtags for Election (#AE11) constituencies

Okay, a big thanks to Dee Harvey at BBCNI for her work on these. She’s tested them all now so that there should not be any broken or misleading tweets on the constituency hashtags quoted below.

If you are now scratching your heading and asking yourself ‘what’s Fealty on about now’, hashtags are a way of tagging individual ‘tweets’ that instantly transform into searchable terms.

It should enable us/you to find tweeted information/data on Twitter than relates to a given constituency (longer explanation here). It should be invaluable in helping people to share more effectively local Assembly Election (#AE11) stories, not to mention emerging data from polling stations and count centres.

Newry and Armagh #nar11
Strangford #str11
North Down #ndo11
South Down #sdo11

Belfast North #beln11
Belfast South – #bels11
Belfast East – #bele11
Belfast West #belw11

South Antrim #san11
East Antrim #ean11
North Antrim #nan11

Foyle #fo11
East Londonderry #el11

West Tyrone #wt11
Fermanagh & South Tyrone #fst11

Upper Bann #uban11
Mid Ulster #mul11
Lagan Valley #lagv11

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  • Surely something could have been done about the East Derry hashtag. Many nationalists just won’t use that hashtag.

  • Mark McGregor


    #ed11 seems fine. Slugger can quite easily pull that feed in too – then its the BBc’s problem if they want to ignore the fact a sizeable number of people won’t/don’t use the term Londonderry regardless of what any government body says.


    #ed11 and #el11 to be used interchangeably on Slugger?

  • dennis the menace

    wow the bigotry over hashtags is amazing

  • HeinzGuderian


  • John Ó Néill

    My token contribution to ecumenism was #erry …

  • Mark McGregor


    That’s worse than most of the above – the majority are counterintuitive and just plain ugly. Can’t believe they are the best.

  • John Ó Néill

    I did say it was tokenism. A good few constituencies in February had multiple hashtags (e.g. #laof/#lsoy/#laoy etc) and no doubt someone else will try and run with their own set regardless.

  • What about council DEA hashtags?

    #bepotty ?