Dominic – computer says ‘kneel’

The SDLP’s main Irish language activist Doiminic O Brolcháin, Dominic Bradley on the SDLP and his own website, has clarified not a lot when it comes to filling in a census form in Irish:

Initially he complained there was no Irish version of the form:

In absence of an Irish version of the census form, I have asked Census 2011 if it’s legal to fill the English form in Irish. To date, I have had no response.

But now Bradley claims he has had a victory in ensuring it is not illegal to fill in English language forms as Gaelige:

The SDLP Irish language spokesperson said: “There has been some debate around whether or not it is illegal to fill in census forms in Irish.

“I have clarified this issue with the office of the finance minister and it has been indicated that although an Irish language version of the form is not available this time, it is not illegal to complete the forms in Irish and no action will be taken against anyone who completes the form in Irish.

However, the guidance notes included with Census forms remain specific:

Talking your language

You need to complete your answers in English, but you can get a copy of the questions in your own language’

With the forms clearly designed to be read by computer, I assume Dominic has looked into how many translators have been employed to deal with answers not in English?

Not illegal? But binned? Is that a result?