Some funny stuff before the elections…

To be fair The Daily Mash is always funny. But this takes the biscuit:
The BBC hasn’t really nailed it since Ceefax.
And the best blog in the whole wide world:

No Good Boyo.

The British abroad are a queasy seesaw of expat and diplomat. Expats, whether metro journalist or furrowed accountant, all decompose into a septic tank of drunken suburban prejudice and low-wattage adultery.
British diplomats, whether baronets or bursary boys, rise into a Zen stratosphere of airless detachment from the life of others.
The recent turmoil in Libya has provided virtuoso displays of both. Take the expat who complained to the BBC that African migrant workers were slicking Tripoli airport with their tears when they didn’t even have passports and his kitchen still needed mopping. He was grateful to Col Gaddafi’s toughs for clearing his path to duty-free. Classy

……and Billy’s back…