ICC World Cup 2011: Quarter-finals

The dust has settled on the final games of the opening stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 –  Zimbabwe defeated Kenya by 161 runs and the West Indies collapsed against India when in a commanding position.

The group tables are now complete and the line-up for the knock-out quarter-final stage is as follows.

23 March Pakistan v West Indies, first quarter-final, Mirpur (d/n)
Play starts 0830 GMT

24 March India v Australia, second quarter-final, Ahmedabad (d/n)
Play starts 0900 GMT

25 March South Africa v New Zealand, third quarter-final, Mirpur (d/n)
Play starts 0830 GMT

26 March Sri Lanka v England, fourth quarter-final, Colombo (d/n)
Play starts 0900 GMT

Ireland’s performance during the ICC World Cup has not gone unrewarded.  Ireland have gained  a place in the Reliance ICC ODI Championship table and are now ranked 10th. 

Ireland fast bowler, Trent Johnston, has also moved up 8 places to claim 12th position in the Reliance ICC Player Rankings for ODI bowlers.

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  • Mark


    Did you see the cricket yesterday ? A friend if mine is an Indian taxi triver . He said any Asian working in Dublin yesterday rang in sick .

    The match itself was a bit of an anti climax towards the end . I can’t see Sri Lanka folding like that even with India having home advantage . Sound be a great match though.

  • I gave up taking cricket seriously as a transparent sport when at the subsequent enquiry Hansie Cronje’s colleagues revealed that he had also asked them to participate in his illegal match fixing , they had refused but also declined to report him to the authorities.

    For Tendulkar to be dropped four times, none of them a dolly but all very catchable, was beyond belief as were some of the get outs and not a note of controversy sounded by the commentators.

    A game now seriously bereft of credibility.

  • Mark

    That never dawned on me . So soon after Butt and co were caught and banned . Do you really think the match was thrown ? Atherton did sound dismayed at one of the dropped Tendulkar catches . Alfridi just about dodged a bullet in the last inquiry but WC semi final – India / Pakinstan , surely the players wouldn’t throw a game so big….

    Lokk at Tyson though …. rumours he took a dive against Buster Douglas – America refused the fight and it took place in Japan – Douglas was 16/1 and Tyson was broke ..

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if aspects of the game were fixed; a billion TV watchers and listeners generates a lot of betting activity not only on outcomes but in real time betting.

    As to boxing, Northern Ireland’s clean, I’m not sure about anywhere else.

  • Mark

    Boxing in the States is corrupt in so far as you can keep the top fighters away from eachother for yrs because of the various different organisations ( WBC, WBA, IBF etc ) and the obvious bent promotors .

    MMA ( mixed martial arts ) specifically The UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ) has become more popular than boxing in the last 2/3 yrs because all the top fighters fight eachother all the time . They recently broke the PPV record at one of their UFC events .

    Apart from the proposed Manny Pacquiao / Mayweather Junior super fight , there are no real superstars left in Boxing , there are superfights every couple of months in the UFC because managers dont keep their top guys away from your man’s top guys . The fans know this and buy tickets accordingly . It has become huge in the states . There was a UFC event in the Odyssey a while back .

    Back to the Cricket – Sri Lanka to defy the odds and a partisan Indian crowd to win the World Cup .