POTD- Block H

Markievicz House, Townsend Street, Dublin 2

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  • I have happy memories of cutting through these flats. I am amazed they surivived the Celtic Tiger as it would have been an envied site.

  • I found them quite by accident alan.
    I did notice a sign from the council mentioning planning permission for the development of a four story building housing 9 special needs residential units with winter garden terraces and a community building to be built in the courtyard. There will also be precinct improvements and the provision of 45 car parking spaces.

  • Mark

    Mooch ,

    Great photograph – that’s the real inner city , right there !


    It is amazing that they survived all the Celtic development along with the other flats in and around Pearse Street . If those walls could talk …….

  • These flats are very well situated, just behind St Mark’s Anglican Church in Pearse St, now a part of TCD. They are actually better situated than Pearse St Flats.

    At the start of Parliament St, east Essex St, almost on O’Connell Bridge, there were corpo flats that went for £££££.

    Anyway, a good pic. If you wander down towrds Ringsend by the Liffey, you would get more good shots. But that is a good one of a fast vanishing part of Dublin.

  • Stieg

    a famous student of pearse once wrote that ‘i will no longer serve that in which i no longer believe,whether it call itself my home,my fatherland or my church.i will try to express myself using the only weapons i allow myself to use,silence
    exile and cunning’

  • christy70

    I was brought up in Markievicz Flats in the fifties and sixties and enjoyed my childhood there. Loved playing football in the flats and really enjoyed the lads hanging out around G block where we would have sing songs and playing cards. I joined the irish army at 16 and I served with the irish UN troops in the Congo 1961. Great memories.