“I would like to say vigilantism won’t work…”

Worth noting, I think, the comments by a local “community worker” following the shooting in the legs of a 20-year-old man in Strabane last night.  From the BBC report

Mr Gallagher said he also saw the man’s father, who had been searching for his son, before finding him shot.

He said he believed that the shooting was carried out by the vigilante group, RAAD (Republican Action Against Drugs).

“From a community aspect I would like to say vigilantism won’t work. It’s never worked in the past and it won’t work now.

“What we need to do is to is engage in some dialogue with these people to see if we can get this stopped.”

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  • Lest we forget …there was a double killing allegedly linked to drugs in Craigavon last week.
    Pious words and outrage from politicians but ultimately we live in a place where people dont really care.

  • DC

    Republican Action Against Drugs = taking action on other groups who are taking away RAAD’s profits from RAAD’s selling of drugs.

  • “BBC report Mr Gallagher”

    If it’s the same Paul Gallagher who picked up a pipe-bomb in January he’s either a very brave or a very foolhardy man.

  • The Word

    There seems to be a lot of conspiracies been thrown out here.

    The PSNI are there to deal with crime. If they’re afraid of these gangsters, then let’s have an honest debate.

    I’m certainly not impressed that a house in Craigavon was like a fortress with cameras everywhere and not receiving attention from the police to put them out of business.

    This hooligan element will get great leverage from such a sight. It shows that the police don’t really know what to do.

    As for RAAD, they’re just beating their chest at the minute. It’s always the same before elections. It just goes to show that republicans care. Even if it means portraying your people as savages.

  • joeCanuck

    Woof .

  • 6crealist

    Yes, Nevin, the very same. Paul has commented on this site. He used a pseudonym of course but forgot to hide his email address. And Jacqueline, as mentioned in your link, is his wife.

    The Gallagher family care very much about community activism in the town.

    We have Willie Gallagher of the IRSP and Spotlight Bank Robbery episode fame doing the same in the other end of the town.

    In fact, Paul won a massive 325 votes at the last Council elections while you can read some of Jacki’s interesting thoughts on previous vigilante behaviour (and the Housing Executive!!) here:


  • 6crealist, was Paul a sometime chairperson of Strabane Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership? Margaret Ritchie, the then DSD Minister, was in Strabane for the opening of a new facility there. She (and Paul) spoke:

    “Not only will this facility contribute to a healthier lifestyle for our young people but will help alleviate anti-social behaviour in the area by providing a safe, fun and friendly multi-sports facility that they can all enjoy.”

    DSD contributed £70,000 from the Neighbourhood Renewal Investment Fund. Sadly, some folks aren’t getting the message. The sports facilities beside the Ballycolman Estate are more or less just across the river from where the young lad was left shot.

  • Cynic2

    It’s never worked in the past and it won’t work now.

    So why did they keep shooting them for 30 years?