Fighting bowel cancer, or ‘jam on your eclairs’…

Interesting series of YouTubes from Podge and Rodge tackling the vexed question of bowel cancer… And rightly, IMHO, getting it all out in the open….

Put together by the Irish Cancer Society, so don’t hestitate to contact them if you;re affected by this condition… And in Northern Ireland you can find the right contact through the Northern Ireland Cancer Network

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  • oracle

    Bravo Mick,

    Extremely funny information piece for people too embarrassed to ask others.

    I am 100% convinced that you have just saved the life of a Slugger poster or reader in the near or foreseeable future.
    This bastard disease only delivers its full wrath to the body because of delay by the victims in seeking medical attention.

  • Mick Fealty

    I thought it was a great project, well execute. Could do with spreading further!

  • Mark

    Women always seem a lot braver , more pragmatic when it comes to things like this . The amount of women I know who’ve had smear tests etc far outnumber men in similar circumstances . My old man is waiting on results to come back and he’s terrified .

    Mick Fealty – ” could do with spreading further ” Is that a clever pun Mick ? or maybe not the best language to use when promoting the testing for bowel cancer … lol

    As men we need to get the word out though as Oracle says , its the delay that’s the killer……

  • Not impressed.
    1. Yes Mark, men are much worse than women at getting checked out but
    2. Bowel cancer affects older people and I doubt they would watch three short videos on it.
    3. The tone of the videos is all wrong and it does not convey its message but instea concentrates on Dublin 4 excuses for humour.
    4. Bowel cancer, if caught early, is eminently curable but, if not checked, it quickly spreads to other vital organs and kills.
    5. It is one of the top killers and needs to be addressed in a proper way.
    6. Smoking has little to do with bowel cancer. I say that as a hater of cigaretes and someone with a dog in the fight.

  • Mark


    I wish your dog all the best..

  • fordprefect

    I agree about women being less self concious about this kind of thing. I, personally, have no qualms whatsoever about going to doctors about problems with my nether regions. I have had a prostate exam (yes that one) where the doctor inserts his finger, I’ve had physical examinations and ultra-sound scans on my testicles as well. If I see one speck of blood on the bog roll, I make an appointment to see my doctor straight away, and, I don’t care if the doctor is a man, woman or a Klingon, I don’t be one bit embarrassed. I have seen too many men (some of them friends of mine) from this area leaving stuff like this until it was too late and they are now dead, relatively young men in their late forties and early fifties. The last one I seen died late last year, and, I will regret for the rest of my life going to see him in hospital (the day before he died) when I seen him reduced to a twisted skeletal wretch due to bowel cancer, because (as his family told me) he was “old school” and too embarrassed to see a doctor earlier (which would have saved his life), he was 52 years old/young.

  • fordprefect

    I hope you old mans results come back clear, I know how he feels, the prostate and testicular exams I mentioned above, I got them before the results of my blood tests and I was crapping myself. Thankfully mines came back clear.

  • Mark


    Thanks for the best wishes re my old man …

    Fingers crossed he’ll be grand .

  • fordprefect

    No problem, give him my best, I think he’ll be okay. I said a prayer for him.


    Les Ferdinanad putting in a much better performance than these RTE jokers on prostate cancer.

  • Mark

    Fair play to him Alan … he spoke well and seemed to get the message accross …

    Having said that , Podge and Rodge would run rings around him on a soccer pitch.

  • Mark


    Thanks for the prayer man , I’ll pass on your best .