Ireland win by 3 wickets with 5 balls to spare

Following on from Pete’s excited live blogging in his earlier post (which I’d missed) …

Kevin O'Brien - Getty images screenshot from BBC SportI don’t do sport. But colleagues tell me that Ireland have beaten England in the Cricket World Cup and that doesn’t happen every day.

If you leprechauns can’t get over the line now, I don’t know… My mum could win it from here; you’ve done the hard work. (Geoffery Boycott)

Should I expect cricketing images to adorn gable walls in West and East Belfast in the morning?

… they were 111-5 needing 328 to win with barely 25 overs to go

Cricket fans in the London Treasury, the IMF and the European Central Bank will be hoping that Ireland can repay their international loans as fast as they gathered up runs this afternoon.

(Image by Getty Images via BBC Sport)

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    Just heard Alan Lewis, former Irish cricket captain and current international rugby referre struggling to control his emotions on R4.

    Absolutely spiffing stuff.

  • oracle

    Can’t stand cricket in any sense but I’m fully aware that for ireland it’s a quite a feat and for England this is quite a smack in the mouth…. lol

  • Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien – Live Life, Love Bread, Love 6 wickets and a century 🙂

  • maca

    Just to jump on the bandwagon as well, well done Ireland! Fantastic win!
    England were awful (apparently, I don’t do cricket) but can’t fault Ireland for taking full advantage! What a performance by O’Brien & Cusack, heroic stuff!

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien,

    Excellent quip – is it a home baked one?

  • maca


  • Half-baked, Sammy. I heard it mentioned on RTÉ radio recently but it really does take the biscuit today 🙂

  • Driftwood

    Never heard of Kevin O Brien before. poor old England, or rather poor old South Africa 2nd XI. No media overkill about the Ashes heroes for a while.

    Come back Eoin Morgan, if you can get your place.

  • perseus

    beating ENG at their own game again,
    like rugby and so on..
    Never understood the mentality of GAA
    which basically said ” lets play our own sport
    anfdnot garrisons”
    get out of town with that defeatist attitude.
    get in and fight to be the best
    as Ireland showed today ..

  • “poor old England……..”

    Yes indeed.

    The English will have their tails between their legs and hope that they rise again after a certain match on 19th March

  • Mark

    Who put the ball in the England Net (s) …

    Ireland’s Alan Johnston says hitting the winning runs against England In the World Cup was his ” Ray Houghton Moment ” .

    Good things come in 3’s ..

  • Mark

    Or even your man Mooney …..

  • JAH

    Still in shock…Cricket has really arrived in Ireland.

    The best result by an Irish team since Sion Mills famous day against the WIndies which I still remember well.

  • vanhelsing

    great win by Ireland – pity that republicans can’t rejoice because it’s a ‘garrison’ sport or something 🙂

  • Jimmy Sands

    I actually switched off just after the fourth wicket went and just got the result. That’ll teach me. How the hell did that happen?

  • qwerty12345

    Vanhelsing in the name of God give it a bloody rest – it’s a cricketing thread.

    “There are few who would have thought it possible that Ireland could have improved on their achievements at the last world cup. However, this victory surely represents the pinnacle of Irish cricketing achievement, even surpassing their great victory over Pakistan four years ago.

    I would both like to congratulate the whole team and all involved with Cricket Ireland. I hope that this victory will lead to further success in the tournament.”

    – Martin McGuinness.

  • Greenflag



  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    Just watched the highlights twice – it is an incredible win – you just cant believe they could win when faced with such an array of English talent.

    Yes they had some luck, with dropped balls, but what was probably most remarkable was the fact they did not alter their game when near the finishing line and were even run out twice.

    Absolutely sensational stuff.

  • Mark

    So it wasn’t a dream … Ireland has beaten England in the Cricket World Cup .

    They’re calling it the greatest day in Cricket Ireland’s History …

    And Van H doesn’t like Republicans who like cricket and that’s gas as Martin McGuinness will be opening the batting for the Storment Assembley after may …

    I will be framing the English broadsheets after this … although David Gower showed his class with his dignity after the match .Michael Vaughan when he wasn’t checking himself out in the camera was a little miffed but Bob Willis was sick ……. old school .

    It’s a pity its still an elite sport throughout the country because its a really great sport which most people on the island would really enjoy it .

  • Mark

    Sammy ,

    I taped it and I will be watching it in 30 yrs . O Brien’s knock was ala Viv Richards / Botham / Michael Beavon etc .

    10CC Rules OK

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    The headline on the cricket page of this morning’s Torygraph is “England need to put Ireland in their place” slightly amended in the online version – actually fairly fair article and not ruling out a ‘fall’

  • Mark

    O Brien as you know Sammy , broke to World Cup record for fastest ton and I reckon the mileage us fans will get out of this will be recording breaking as well ……

    I hope the younger generation takes up an interest …

  • Driftwood

    Capt. Porterfield out 1st ball, and Ireland were 400/1 on betfair. I thought, maybe.and laughed it off. Watched and listened to a certain hammering. Then someone I have never heard of before slammed the cream of the English public schools. Marvellous. and the comments from Enda Kenny and even Mcguinness great. No ‘national anthems’ or flags, just a Cricket Ireland flag and the admittedly awful Ireland’s Call.
    Bit different though to tonight’s old firm battle. El Hadji Djouif leading the headlines tomorrow unfortunately.

  • abucs

    Just as well Bangladesh beat us in the first round, otherwise we would be talking about winning the whole thing.

    Perhaps we should hope for England to be undefeated from here on, just so we can say we were better than the world champs?

    Just a thought….. :o)

    Well done lads.

  • cushyglenn

    brilliant result – and they achieved it without David Healy!!!

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    sensational stuff lads. especially after England’s ashes success this season.

  • JR

    thouroughly enjoied listening to the closing stages of this match on the radio. Great result.

    Persus – as a GAA fan, I have no problem enjoying an Ireland win, in Cricket, rugby, international rules or monopoly.

  • deirdre

    Gotta say- it was awesome! Was watching at lunchtime yesterday and went home in disgust, but seriously. Way to go!! There’s actually a local game up here in the summer- us and the kids across the road, so looks like it’ll be bat and pads all the way this year as we play up and down the road again!

  • PaulT

    Right, lets nail a few myths.

    Cricket in the South is in ruder health than in the North, Dublin being the hotspot.

    At a Ireland V England game at Stormont not so long ago, Gregory Campbell as a NI Minister was cheering for England.

    Martin McGuiness is a big Cricket fan as are many republicans.

    Eoin Morgan, claims his batting ability comes from playing hurling when younger.

    If the GAA is to blame, answer me

    Why is the only Irish cricketer good enough to play for England ex-GAA

    Why are the best players from strong GAA areas

    Why does someone like Gregory Campbell find it difficult to support Irish Cricket

  • Nunoftheabove

    A moment to savour. Worth noting that cricket has deeper roots in Ireland historically than, say, GAA games. In Tipperary alone for example there were as many as 50 clubs in the 1860s and many also in Kerry and other what may now seem to some unlikley places. By no means entirely all the sport of the gentry also – very popular among the unlanded of rural Ireland. It has been argued before that were it not for the political turn of events, cricket may now have been the ‘national sport’ of the island.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Indeed, Nun. Cricket in rural Ireland particularly in parts of Munster and South Leinster was popular well into the 20th century. The legendary Rackard brothers (of Wexford hurling fame) father was a cricketer and never played hurling himself. Something similar appears to have happened in the US where baseball took over from cricket which had been predominant in many areas of the US, particularly Philadelphia (and the first ever cricket international was played in New York!).

    Cricket is making a bit of a comeback in some places helped by the new arrivals over the last decade and I know of one instance where the local gardaí and local sports partnership in one town in Leitrim were involved recently in the setting up of a cricket team as a vehicle to facilitate better integration between the Asian community and young locals.

  • Munsterview

    Not really into sport but I have been on the Continent with all English touring parties when the ashes were being played for with the Aussies and I know how serious they take the game and more important how widespread and well supported the game is.

    Considering the resources that England had to draw on the Irish win was nothing short of magnificent. I am absolutely delighted for them but only in Englands defeat in as much as it illustrates the levels of skills and expertise that the Irish Team have reached.

    Considering the minority sport that it is and what they achieved, it would be great if the GAA invited them to the next big match in Croke Park and introduced them to the crowd during the interval to acknowledge their unbelievable achievement as a minority sport from the major sporting organization.

    Heartiest congratulations again to all involved!

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    “Why does someone like Gregory Campbell find it difficult to support Irish Cricket”

    I presume he considers England his national team – technically it is England and Wales,but I presume some/many Scots support the ‘England’ cricket team as well – as would presumably many Northern Cricket fans/players when they are playing in the Ashes – although I have to admit, predictably, I’m always with the Aussies.

    ..and of course us on the green side of the fence we dont always support the Norn Iron football team especially when they are playing our National team Ireland.

    The Cricket Test works both ways.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    Provided all the Irish players were comfortable with the GAA then that sounds like a good idea – as would introducing them to the crowd before the next big Ango-Irish clash in the Aviva – we could do with the inspriation in that one.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Paul T

    Not sure you’re nailing all of those; perpetuating them in some cases and creating them in others I’d have said. Your question on the joyless Campbell’s surely rhetorical too, yes ?

  • Brian

    Perfidious Albion bites the dust.

    After all these years I have no idea how Cricket is played or how the scoring works. Who cares

  • PaulT

    Nun, the myths on Slugger (in keeping with its DNA) is that republicans dislike cricket and the GAA has stunted crickets development in Ireland. I stand by my comments!

    The Crooked Mouth reference is there for some sluggerettes to contemplate.

    Brian, I cannot abide golf nor understand tennis, yet I do not seek out threads just to inform others, indeed, I even try to watch these sports and atletics to try to understand the interest of others.

    I can say as a cricket fan, that similar to any strategy game unless you can grasp it, you can’t understand it, if you do understand it, it is one of the richest games in the world.

    Now, if we can do the Windies we’ll be in the Super Eights, tomorrows game will be interesting, as will Sundays.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    “The Crooked Mouth reference is there for some sluggerettes to contemplate.”

    Presumably you also acknowledge that the apparent contradictions in Gregory’s position are also evident in his political opponents postion in other sporting areas?

    e.g. couldn’t really see Marty cheering for Norn Iron if they were playing Ireland in scoccer-ball.

  • CW

    As we’re into the realms of surealism here, it’s worth noting that a best-selling novel about cricket in New York, Netherland by Irishman Joseph O’Neill may have had some influence in Ireland’s success.
    To expand on some of the points made earlier, ther are basically three main cricket-playing areas in Ireland – Greater Dublin, the area around Belfast (effectively Greater Belfast/North Down/South Antrim/North Armagh) and the North-West – ie the Derry/Strabane/Limavady area taking in a small part of East Donegal. The current team is well-repesented from all three regions and beyond.

    I’m not a fan of the game myself, but if Ireland’s success increases the popularity of cricket on the island then all the better – it’s hardly likely to make much of a dent in well-established sports lie GAA, soccer or rugby anyway.

    Well done the boys in green – a timely morale boost for the island in these tough times of hardship!

  • PaulT
  • HeinzGuderian

    Begorra………………..oirland win an irrelevant match @ the CWC,and the usual suspects go ape shit with delight,bejayjus !! 😉

    Well done Paddy,me boy…………….now aff home wit ya,there’s a mountain of shite to be diggin’ yourself outta……………:P

  • Mark

    Heinz is such a Toss …

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    That is a very positve story in the BT, but not sure it backs up your point.

    Republicans have (post GFA at least) made a point of ‘engaging’ with Unionists ( if not overseas British representatives) in such a manner – I simply think you are misreading the Republican mindset.

  • Munsterview

    Fifty-seven different varieties ….. and not one of them positive!

  • Mark

    Someone mentioned GAA etc and some will remember Pat Spillane and the BBC’s ” the Superstars ” .

    Kevin Keegan showing the world he could ride a bike as well as he could manage a top flight football club ( or TV interview ) . Brian Jacks and his oranges and his pull ups …

    The World Superstars with Pat Spillane and his tan and the unbeatable Brian Budd . I remember Pat Spillane in order to prove his fitness each season would swim accross this lake in his home county ( near Parknasilla … ) .He said if he could swim the lake , he was fit !! He did well in the Superstars …third or forth . No one could beat Brian Budd – a canadian soccer player …. fit as butcher’s wife !