Welsh language hits the big time…

It’s finally arrived – the Welsh language Email scam!
As reported in the Western Mail:

a message that will be familiar to many repeat recipients of messages from deposed African royals, a widow of a Kuwaiti ambassador for the Ivory Coast asks for help distributing a $2.5m trust fund for the needy if the willing party can just send through their bank details.

DC John Cherry, e-Crime Wales business liaison officer, said that it was an “old-fashioned” scam that perhaps hoped to catch victims off guard by the fact it was in Welsh.

He said: “These e-mail scams are nothing new, in fact, in the fast-paced world of e-crime they’re considered old-fashioned.

“By translating the scam into Welsh, however, it makes it more believable and in some cases, names have been switched to match those of the recipients, making it a cleverer scam still. It’s best to always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, no matter what language the e-mail is in.

Golwg (in Welsh) has the actual message….fairly obviously a Google Translate job.