Friday thread: some Irish culture while we wait for the result

The Rubberbandits are back.

While we are at it:

And a history lesson:

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  • orly

    whats this pish

  • Mark

    Raw Sheeen …….lol

  • Mark McGregor


    Having just realised you exist and skimmed your 44 posts to Slugger – I can advise you this ‘pish’ doesn’t relate to tedious parochial inanity for Bangor fixated twats. Best to move along, nothing for you to see here – or many places else.

  • orly

    My mistake, thought this was a blog about politics. Obviously it’s a place to dump cack youtube videos.

    Must have hit a nerve though. You mad little socialist?

  • Mark

    They remeind me of an older version of Alfie and Cecil …

    In the late 70’s , my old Dear got involved in a group that brought kids down from West Belfast to Dublin for a little holiday at the end the summer – sort of like an exchange programme except that no kids from Dublin made the return leg as the parents were too terrified to send their kids back up north .

    The two lads that arrived at our door were called Alfie and Cecil . Two wee scallywags from the falls . They were like miniature versions of the rubberbandits . Alfie broke my new scalectrix set on the very first night . Cecil made up for it by beating the shit out of all my emenies on the estate within 2 days of his arrival ( a 7yr old makes alot of enemies ) . They got homesick after 4/5 days and left but I lived off the legend of Alfie and Cecil for weeks afterwards ……..which to a seven yr old is eternity ..

  • Orly
    Stray insights are allowed(it’s in the header above) and the Rubber Bandits are certainly a stray insight who by the way has been covered here already for the seminal and very very funny Horse outside

  • orly

    So where’s the insight?

    I see nothing of value…just some guy posting what he’s watching on youtube.

  • Whats the matter have you got a Honda Civic or a Subaru?

  • John Ó Néill

    In fairness, it is hardly fair to imply it is only a stray insight. If anyone can point to better satire coming out of the south I’d like to see it. I’m with Mark – if you don’t get this you might need to get out more.

  • wee buns

    These kiddos (anyone know which side of 20 they are?) are really hitting their creative stride now after a few tracks that were sorta ok & funny if a tad puerile (garda siochana). Akin to ‘Republic of Loose’ but with Attitude. Love the parody; the tricolor chucked into the body building drink, clever stuff.

  • Mark

    I think they’re the other side of twenty . They seem to be well able to handle themselves verbally and the lead singer ( if that’s what you can call him ) didn’t get that twinkle in his eye without having been around the block a few times ….

  • babyface finlayson

    “Cantona you’re a spa”, clever stuff. Not. I’m with Orly

  • wee buns

    Alight on one lyric if you must, but the musical piss being taken out of male youth obsessions with cars, muscles, celebrity, and machismo in its various forms; that’s healthy, hence smart.

  • I can just imagine Little Willie dancing to this 🙂

  • babyface finlayson

    Fair enough, male youth deserves to have the piss taken out of it.
    I guess humorous songs are never all that funny really. At least not since the Two Ronnies.

  • Behaner

    …all has changed,changed utterly,a terrible beauty is born…

  • perseus

    that willie o’dea track is wicked.. I love these guys

  • USA

    “I’ve a Horse Outside” is definately their best piece. Street ahead of the rest, although “I want to fight your father” had a few good lines too.

    Funny guys 🙂

  • Dewi
  • Dewi

    FF 8% in Dublin….

  • Fianna Fail

    Fine Gael the game – As Edna save the country by killing all your fellow politicians with strange FG stars!


  • Behaner

    The leader of the republican movement in the early 1950s was a man from derry,armed with a banjo.Sin shame can bask in the hollow victory they got,but hey,didn’t clann na phoblacht win 10 seats,the workers party 7/8 seats.I saw the president of the workers party,a humblin experience,on
    his own last week,outside the bookies where i live,and i said to him,mcgiolla was my td in insecore,look at the state of insecore now.Maybe in 30 years time mary lou wil be faced with the same prospect,standin outside a bookies in a council estate in dublin,havin lost everything,due to the emergence of the Tupac cuman,aka,the rubberbandits.

  • Behaner

    Óró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
    Óró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
    Óró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile
    Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh.
    ‘Sé do bheatha, a bhean ba léanmhar,
    Do b’ é ár gcreach tú bheith i ngéibheann,
    Do dhúiche bhreá i seilbh méirleach,
    Is tú díolta leis na Gallaibh.
    Tá Gráinne Mhaol ag teacht thar sáile,
    Óglaigh armtha léi mar gharda,
    Gaeil iad féin is ní Gaill ná Spáinnigh,
    Is cuirfidh siad ruaig ar Ghallaibh.
    A bhuí le Rí na bhFeart go bhfeiceam,
    Mura mbeam beo ina dhiaidh ach seachtain,
    Gráinne Mhaol agus míle gaiscíoch,
    Ag fógairt fáin ar Ghallaibh.

    Padraic Mac Phiarais,Oglaigh Na hEireann,Ath Clliath.

  • Behaner

    The Fool
    by Padraic aka,whacker,Mac Phiarais

    Since the wise men have not spoken, I speak that am only a fool;
    A fool that hath loved his folly,
    Yea, more than the wise men their books or their counting houses or their quiet homes,
    Or their fame in men’s mouths;
    A fool that in all his days hath done never a prudent thing,
    Never hath counted the cost, nor recked if another reaped
    The fruit of his mighty sowing, content to scatter the seed;
    A fool that is unrepentant, and that soon at the end of all
    Shall laugh in his lonely heart as the ripe ears fall to the reaping-hooks
    And the poor are filled that were empty,
    Tho’ he go hungry.
    I have squandered the splendid years that the Lord God gave to my youth
    In attempting impossible things, deeming them alone worth the toil.

  • Behaner

    …and i have gone upon my way,sorrowful…

  • Behaner

    Mise Eire (I Am Ireland)
    by Padraic Mac,aka,oNhE,baile an phal,aka a.c.

    I am Ireland:
    I am older than the Old Woman of Beare.

    Great my glory:
    I that bore Cuchulainn the valiant.

    Great my shame:
    My own children that sold their mother.

    I am Ireland:
    I am lonelier than the Old Woman of Beare.

  • Behaner

    oh had they died by pearses side
    or fought wit the noble cahal bru
    der names we shall keep
    where the fenians sleep

    but their lonely graves
    are by sulvas waves
    on the fringes of the
    great north sea

  • Behaner

    A readin from the gospel of brendan

    I”v come to fight for the small farmers and workers socialist republic.I’ve no apolagys to make to any of the servants of yur majesty.The bossss’ss in the movement mightn’t b 2 happy,but i don’t give a bollix wat the bosssss’ss tink.As a matter of fact,i don’t think they can think.I think it’s beyond them to think.www.wink.wink.I sincerely hope that the socialist republic wil evolve into a democratic communist state wit it’s own money printer,it’s own native bainc agus it’s airm fein daonlathach,toisc go bhfuil iniomarca fadhbanna ag na mbainceanna priobhaideach ag agru gaff new phoist ceart domsa no do mo chlann uilig,sin,sin’

  • RepublicanStones

    Mark surely you’ve heard their best tune ‘Bag of Glue’?

  • Behaner

    ceapainn mise go bhfuil se thar am don tir seo againn,spioraid nua a bheith againn,don proisais daonlathach na ionad an ‘mysoginist elements’
    ag screadail mar yowil air daoine cosuil le iris o roibeard,aka
    dup,ba comhair go mbeidh siad ag tabhairt tacaiocht don reabloid gneas a thosnaigh sna feidir leo screadail mar yowil air cothrom na feinne,ach taw shay har am an glue a thogail on veil agus tacaiocht a thabairt don rang pholiticuil,in ionad ridicule,ach mo broin,iad ag leabhairt leis an teanga neamhbriathrach.Ni thuigeann siad dli na ngaeil,ie.breitheamhain,cumal,ollamh,cetmhuintir new
    an craic is feidir a all o swingin mingers cosuil len van dilis alainn