Gerry Adams “considering all legal remedies open to him…”

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness may believe that Gerry Adams’ “answer” is “the end of it” concerning questions over his party leader’s credibility, but the Herald reports that they have received a letter from the still Crown Steward and Bailiff of Northstead‘s solicitors following the publication of an interview with Jean McConville’s daughter, Helen McKendry.  From the Herald article

Adams’s solicitors McCartan & Burke claimed the article represented a “serious defamation” of their client who is “considering all legal remedies open to him”. Ms McKendry said today she has never personally got a legal letter from the Sinn Fein chief. However, she added: “We did a programme one time and he threatened then to sue, but it came to nothing.”

Husband Seamus (53) claimed Adams has not sued because “he is scared of us trailing him in (to court) for a civil action”. He added: “He really wishes we would go away, you know.

“We promised him many years ago we’d be a thorn in his side unless he was totally forthcoming and above board about what happened. He has never been that.”

And the Herald has added an editorial on the issue

We will not be silenced in our attempts to uncover and disclose Gerry Adams’ past. Every other political leader in this campaign has come under scrutiny and Mr Adams is no different.

His solicitor’s letter to us shows that Mr Adams is sensitive to public criticism – a weakness of which other political leaders here cannot stand accused.

It was Adams’ decision to put himself forward for election to the Dáil. It is only proper that as a candidate his past should come under examination and fair comment.

He may well dislike a younger generation being reminded of the atrocities committed in the past – like the abduction and brutal murder of Jean McConville – but he cannot claim to be entitled to a ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ treatment while seeking public office.

As a campaigning newspaper it is our duty to uncover the truth and support the victimised. We will continue to do so – despite the Sinn Fein leader’s bully boy tactics.

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  • Ceist

    “Every other political leader in this campaign has come under scrutiny and Mr Adams is no different.”

    Squinter take note

  • Henry94

    Groundhog Day on Slugger.

  • PaulT

    “as seems likely, gullible voters and massive impersonation campaigns combine to bring him over the line.”

    “Is this not just a more cynical manifestation of the bully boy tactics Sinn Fein widely used in Mr Adams’ blighted constituency of West Belfast?”

    Its likely that Sinn Fein supporters will engage in fraud?

    Sinn Fein have engaged in intimidation?

  • PaulT

    “Groundhog Day on Slugger.” yes indeed Henry94, and sad when you see Mallie tweeting a cracking story down the righthandside regarding the UUP pulling out of the Assembly, yet here we are inside the slugger bubble, a 1001 stories about Gerry Adams.

    I guess there are journalists and then there are political hacks

  • Zachariah Tiffins Foot

    I’m confused. Would shinners prefer Gerry Adams was ignored by the media? Should only Sinn Féin-friendly stories be allowed?

    There’s a rule in court that an individual’s character is off limits unless the individual introduces it to support their case. The same thing applies in politics. Adams talks himself up as credible alternative to the (alleged) gombeen politics in the Republic. It is perfectly legitimate for the media and his opponents to challenge his credibility.

    Now I can understand that shinners find this difficult and hark back to their good old days when uncomfortable questions resulted in beatings in border barns or being fitted out for a black binbag overcoat and a one-way ride to a bog.

    Things are, in the main, different now and Hail To The Chief may not be played by all everytime Gerry hoves into the view of the Plain People of Ireland.

  • pippakin

    If Gerry Adams does sue and I am so tempted to hope he does. I really, really hope the media get good shots of him entering the court and suing the daughter of the woman the IRA acknowledge they murdered. If it happens I would campaign for the hearing to be televised ‘live’.

  • Another disgraced former MP, Neil Hamilton, had it put up to him by The Guardian and lost his defamation case. The court ruled that Hamilton was flawed.
    The Sunday Times put it up to a Louth neighbour of Mr Adams, a certain Thomas Slab Murphy, alleging he had been the head of the PIRA extortion and kidnapping gang.
    Whilst Jean McConville’s daughter might have well founded fears that she will be disappeared if she pushes the envelope too far against Mr Adams and that she might be bankrupted if she engages in legal battle with Ireland’s richest political and most colourful grouping, the Evening Herald should have no such worries.
    Let them call out Mr Adams. If they like many others believe that Gerry Adams led the West Belfast serial killers who abducted, tortured and buried in unmarked graves mothers of ten and harmless mentally retarded adults, let them come out and say so in big, bold headlines. Then let Gerry Adams and the entire Adams family and gang members challenge them in court.
    If Mr Adams is elected on the back of the hard work of Mr Morgan and on impersonation campaigns, the people of Louth and all of Ireland will be graateful to have this matter resolved.

    If Mr Adams has nothing to hide and if he, like so many others, now believes that the act of Disappearing harmless people was as disgusting as the acts of the Gestapo, he now has the chance to clear his name by taking a lie detector test. No need for Mob related solicitors. Just step up to the plate and take the test.

    In recent horrific sex attacks in Tyrone and in England, males offered to take DNA tersts, their sensibilities about privacy notwithstanding.
    Mr Adams has a chance to show leadership for once and to clear his good name. Take the test Gerry. Prove that you have never been in the IRA, that you did not organise Bloody Friday and that you were not the brains behind The Disappeared.

    On a related note: In the recent five way debate, Mr Adams used terminology recognising the legitimacy of Leinster House and of Oglaigh na hEireann, the titular head of which is Mary McAleese. A lie detector is the next step.

  • oracle

    Bravo Herald Bravo…..

    One of the few media outlets left with balls

  • Colm McGinn

    I see Paul T (who he?) seems to be somewhat committed.

  • joeCanuck

    It would be wonderful if Adams did sue. We might get the truth at last. But it won’t happen. You have to have a good reputation for it to be harmed.

  • In his latter days following the revelation that a “senior Fianna Fail poltician” was compromised, the late Charles J Haughey threatened to sue all and sundry whereas in earlier days, he let all untoward comment pass unchallenged. Is Gerry Adams now facing his own endgame? Does he fear a Charlie Haughey sans state funeral being done on him and is that why the SF affiliated solicitors are threatening legal action?
    Will “the cutest hoor of them all” finally face the music as he stands for election where Jeran McConville was buried like a dog, Tom Oliver was murdered for upholdingthe institutions of the state and Liam Adams worked for Sinn Fein and apaprently discredited an apparently forgetful Arthur Morgan in the process. ?

  • Cynic2

    What was it Gerry said about Slab Murphy?

    ” a good republican” and “not a criminal”

    What was it an Irish libel Jury said about Slab Murphy

    ” a man of worthless character”

    So perhaps Gerry should try his hand in the Four Courts. All those British Government papers on his past negotiations with the Government dating back to the 1970s should make interesting reading if disclosed to the Court. And his contacts with the Irish Government too. Then there are those now embarrassing photos of beret wearing, coffin carrying and posturing. The ‘they haven’t gone away you know’ comments that at the time seemed to us all to show some deep understanding of the organisation’s internal workings and strengths. Were you just conning us all the time?

    Then weren’t the McConvilles reported once to say that he told them in a meeting he was glad that he had been in prison at the time of their mother’s murder as it proved he had nothing to do with it. Only they later realized that he hadn’t been. So why not tell the truth?

    You know, the more we look at it, perhaps it would be good if an Irish Jury could have a look at the facts and decide. So perhaps we should encourage Gerry.

    So come on now Gerry. Sue the children of a murdered mother of ten who’s battered body was buried on a beach for 30 years by the IRA.

    Oh yes, and along the way perhaps he can now explain to all those republican voters who supported him how an allegation that he was in the IRA apparently now “defames” him.

    The general definition of defamation is words that tend to

    * Lower him or her in the estimation of others.
    * Causes him or her to be shunned or avoided.
    * Causes him or her to be exposed to hatred, ridicule or contempt.

    So come on Gerry. Do you think that former IRA members are a lower form of pond life who are to be shunned and avoided? Do you regard past membership as having lowered individuals in the estimation of others? As an allegation o0f bad character?

  • “Sue the children of a murdered mother of ten who’s battered body was buried on a beach for 30 years by the IRA”

    You know, cynic2, I hate readin of the baby P case, Ian Brady and the Moors murders and stuff like that. Even typing this gives me a yucky feeling as did reading your line, quoted above.
    All decent people can agree that the person who sealed the fate of Jean McConville and her family dserves a natural life tariff. Do the crime, do the time.
    Ian Brady has yet to say where the last of his victims is buried. Remember how Sinn Fein toyed with the Dsiappeared, using them like so many bargaining chips.

    Really, Adams must be held to account on this for all our sakes. We alo we the McConvilles our gratitude; their mother can be proud of them and, thank God, the Provos did not get the chance to put our mothers through what Mr Adams is alleged to have put their mother through.

  • pippakin

    Alan Maskey

    I completely agree and have commended your comment.


    Is Gerry Adams not concerned he is renting his election HQ offices from a convicted criminal, according to the media? Will this damage his good name or has Sinn Fein a high tolerance level for criminals?

  • oracle

    Sue… that man will never sue,

    if he didn’t have the cahoonies to go after Breen and the Tribune with their revelations about him then he’s never ever going near a court of any discription

  • ranger1640

    If Adams had a back bone he would sue, however being a coward and bully he won’t.

  • sdelaneys

    Somebody needs to remind Gerry about his friend, the Good Republican, Tom Murphy (slab) who took the Times to court and told the world he had never heard of Long Kesh; he lost too, Gerry.

  • Comrade Stalin

    If Adams had a back bone he would sue, however being a coward and bully he won’t.

    I’m inclined to think that people who constantly sue and then don’t probably don’t feel that they have a compelling case. Especially true when you consider that Gerry has the resources and access to some of the best lawyers in the business.

  • Politicians who bring libel actions tend to get nowhere with them. History is littered with them.

    One of the reasons for this is that even if the politician has been defamed, the defence of fair comment is open to the Defendant.

    Even when a politician succeeds in proving defamation, winning substantial damages is extremely difficult as they have to show loss to their repuatation. An example is Albert Reynolds, the former Taoiseach, with his “gombeen man” action iagainst the Sunday Times in the mid 90s. The jury awarded no damages to Mr. Reynolds.

    Apart from that, Libel is one of the few types of civil action where a the case could be decided by a jury trial. For a politician that is a potential career killer. Putting the issue of truth to one side, that scenario alone would embolden a political journalist.

    Adams has made a huge mistake using lawyers to issue threatening letters.

  • slappymcgroundout

    “Do the crime, do the time.”

    You read the GFA/BA?

    “Is Gerry Adams not concerned he is renting his election HQ offices from a convicted criminal, according to the media? Will this damage his good name or has Sinn Fein a high tolerance level for criminals?”

    Should he be as concerned as the pub owner and the hairdresser on the ground floor?

    “If Adams had a back bone he would sue, however being a coward and bully he won’t.”

    If he were a coward, the RIRA would be the PIRA and there’d still be war.

    Next, best headline of the day was the one you two missed:

    Ian O’Doherty: Adams for Taoiseach? Ok, I’m emigrating‎

    Of course, what Ian didn’t say is that more than a few have already left and not because of Gerry. More will continue to leave, and not because of Gerry. And to that we can add this question: on whom do we apportion blame for the increased rate of suicide in dear ole Eire? I know, not as sexy as offing the woman and burying her body at the beach, but some are just as dead as she is. And they’ve the nerve to pontificate on morals.

    Next, when was the Irish Civil War? When did the Irish people elect Fianna Fail to office? And there’s the disingenuous here, as I don’t believe that anyone apologized for their conduct during the Irish Civil War (and ’98 to ’11 is the same period from Civil War ’til Fianna Fail were voted into office; so go yell at grandma and grandpa for voting in murderers before their penance was up).

    Lastly, this comment to a ridiculous piece in the Irish Times by Stephen Collins just about sums it up:

    You are entitled to your opinions, and you might be right. It is, however, curious that the people most directly affected by IRA activities back then, the people of Northern Ireland, voted Sinn Fein into government – with far greater support than the party that shares your analysis, the SDLP.

    Sorry, why end with the gold and so this comment came in second for the silver:

    Muck-slinging is the last refuge of the status quo…

    And third for the bronze, Kenny and Noonan as Stan and Ollie:

    What I see is FG’s Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy (Enda Kenny & Michael Noonan) struggling to ingratiate themselves with José M. Barroso on a recent absolutely ineffectual-waste-of-tax-payers-money-pre-election-stunt-visit-to-Brussels; reminds me of certain Laurel & Hardy movies — “The Flying Deuces” (1939), “Block Heads” (1938), “Saps at Sea” (1940), “Flying Elephants” (1928), “Sugar Daddies” (1927), “Wrong Again” (1929), “Call of the Cuckoo” (1927), “Duck Soup” (1927)– aw heck, take your pick! If you can’t have a laugh, but seriously, God help us if Stan & Ollie take the reins.

  • Slappy: Some day, perhaps in your twilight years, someone like you will look back and wonder did they defend and vote for Ireland’s equivalent of Ian Brady, who tortured English kids and buried them like unwanted dogs on Yorkshire Moors.
    Ian Brady had a troubled childhood, as did Liam Adams. Yet, to be fair to Brady, he had to do time and he did not seek public approval for his sickness.
    You seem to think the votes of the gullible and of the impersonators washes clean crimes such as Bloody Friday and the murder and mutilation of defenceless women and the mentally retarded by the Übermensch. The British, to their credit, do not. They have jailed several elected representatives in the last few months alone.
    If Gerry Adams is a psychotic criminal, the best place for him is jail, not Leinster House.

  • Cynic2


    ” If he were a coward, the RIRA would be the PIRA and there’d still be war.”

    Be careful! You have inferred that he controlled PIRA. He may sue you

    ” Muck-slinging is the last refuge of the status quo…”

    If the people of Louth want to elect the Bearded One then that’s their choice. But they might want the opportunity to see the whole picture not just the ‘Ole Uncle Gerry’ one spun by SF. If they then choose him, good luck to the, We will understand where they stand

  • “What was it an Irish libel Jury said about Slab Murphy”

    ” a man of worthless character”

    Adams is never going to sue and Pete knows it, he is just playing the man, as is his right. (again) The above quote just about sums it up as far as judges are concerned, for them, a revolutionary, or a former revolutionary like Adams have no reputation to loose.

    I learn’t that long ago when Vanessa Redgrave sued the Observer and won the case, the judge awarded her one penny in damages if my memory serves me correct, claiming she had no reputation to loose.

    By the way, the judge was talking complete bollocks about Tom Murphy.

  • oracle

    Mick Hall,

    When refering to the judges comments that “he was a man of worthless character”

    you wrote “By the way, the judge was talking complete bollocks about Tom Murphy”

    Was he fuck, he was so bang on the money it was frightening.

  • Pete Baker


    “Adams is never going to sue and Pete knows it, he is just playing the man, as is his right.”


    Pointing out that he’s threatening legal action against a newspaper is not playing the man.

  • Brian


    In fairness to the anti-Treaty IRA they had a much stronger leg to stand on morally and legally. they had much more support than the PIRA. Plus they eschewed the many of the more barbaric tactics used by the PIRA. And another main difference is that they dumped arms when they knew the game was lost, they didn’t have to wait 25 years. (although the executions may have had something to do with it). And they didn’t absurdly lie about their army membership years later, either.

    But I generally agree with your point….Gerry and co. aren’t to blame for the state of the Republic. They aren’t to blame for the near laughingstock of a country that it has become just a few years after it’s politicians were strutting around the world touting their “Celtic Tiger”. They are not the reason for the return of mass emigration, for mass unemployment, for the need for IMF bailout, etc

  • Cynic2

    “a former revolutionary like Adams ”

    Surely Gerry is now a reactionary. DIscuss.

  • SDLP supporter

    Adams went on the public record years ago with advice from the late Paddy McGrory, solicitor, that it was futile to sue over IRA allegations as he (Adams) had no reputation to lose.

    ‘Sir’ Anthony Beanz O’Reilly must be sitting back laughing his head off in Pittsburg or wherever he is (pretty sure he’s not paying his fair whack of tax in Ireland).

    Once Adams is in the Dail he will be fair game for all the other parties, they can say what they like about him under parliamentary privilege and Adams, already a Grumpy Old Man, will just have to sit there and take it, becoming an ever-greater liability to the Shinners.

    The amusing thing is that the Shinners love handing out abuse but can’t actually bear reciprocation. As Hume once said about them, if they can murder, maim, rob banks, knee-cap people etc. character assassination comes easy to them.

    At their manifesto launch they referred to FF and FG as ‘criminals’ and ‘traitors’ , without naming names of individuals, of course, and quickly shut up when they were asked by journalists if they were in the same category because they voted for Lenihan’s bank guarantee.

    Come on, Gerry, make the day of all those who despise you, send that writ!

  • 241934 john brennan

    Why not go easy on Gerry?
    It is not easy to ride two horses at the same time.
    To be leader of a party with two conflicting policies.
    To be a green Tory in the North – are socialist in the South.

  • 241934 john brennan

    Amend my last post to read
    “to be a green Tory in the North – and a red socialistin the South”

  • Consensus seems to be that Gerry Adams, the brother of Liam, has no reputation to lose. He does of course have a life to lose and I would genuinely fear for him for that reason. He is certainly a very divisive characterand most probably is the most hated man in recent Irish history. If he does not brng his knuckle dragging Belfast bodyguard brutes with him, I genuinely fear he could come to harm if those he and his family harmed seek him out.

  • JeanMeslier

    “..If the people of Louth want to elect the Bearded One then that’s their choice. But they might want the opportunity to see the whole picture not just the ‘Ole Uncle Gerry’ one spun by SF. If they then choose him, good luck to the, We will understand where they stand..”

    Just returned from canvassing at the seaside today. There were all the trappings of a spring day in Bettystown as the sun shone brightly on our spritely, but earnest, crew of canvassers. I even enjoyed the Mr Whippy 99, complete with choccy flake, during a lunchtime break supporting the “Bearded One” in Laytown.
    Note to Cynic2: El Beardo is also seeking a mandate from voters in East Meath as well!!!
    Hope I haven’t completely upset your weekend Cindy?

    The fact that the good citizens of Louth/East Meath could have the leader of a main political party representing their interests- post Feb 25th- seems to have touched a few chords amongst the floating voters.

  • Jimmy Sands

    On a related topic, does anyone know whatever happened with this?

  • Cynic2


    Roll on next weekend and we will see. But the article in todays Independent doesn’t bode well for poor Gerry.

    For me the really cutting remark was the one almost buried away – “since he began to dabble in Irish politics”.

    Yes Gerry. You are a political culchie. A carpetbagger. Not one of us.

    Frankly, even if Gerry does trail in in fourth place it will be a humiliating defeat for him and for the Shinners policy. Then it really will be ‘time to go’ – to borrow a phrase.

    Still, although some will carp that all politics ends in failure, I am sure that Gerry can look back with satisfaction on a lifetime of achievements:

    * the creation of all those martyrs – voluntary and involuntary
    * his party increasing the Hunger Strike body count but boosting its vote
    * the abolition of PIRA
    * the destruction of the weapons
    * abolition of the Irish claim to the North
    * cementing SFs position as British Ministers in a British Assembly in the hated Stormont

  • Cynic2

    PS Has Liam been out canvassing for him?

  • Gerry Adams “considering all legal remedies open to him…”

    What precisely does this mean? Is he going to sue or continue to bluff?


    Here, suspected wc Gerry Adams denies being involved in the war crime against Jean McConville. If he has been unfairly slandered or libeled by being asociated with this shameful crime, he should sue – or he should shut up.

    Paddy Power,. meanwhile, should open a book on which he will do.

  • JeanMeslier

    Ah Cyndi 2. After the last three weeks of attacking the SF President/candidate for Louth/East Meath we are left with this S(indo) article.
    Is there not even a small hint of embarrassment and a grasping of straw-like material present in your latest contribution?

    Can I just say I admire the way you probably punch the air when you read the “sources now believe” quote, because we all know what that means, don’t we Cyn?

    Enough of the garbish my friend.
    I finish with a direct quote from your good self.
    “…Roll on next weekend and we will see…”

  • JeanMeslier

    Also Cyndi 2
    Whilst I have no previous knowledge of Mr. John V Lennon, I am sure both you and he could have many a constructive conversation into the wee small hours comparing your pathological hatred of Irish Republicanism, to the detriment of no other person living on this illegally divided, small island.

    Viva the numerous anti-Adams campaigners and eternal victory to their beloved cause!!!


  • slappymcgroundout

    “In fairness to the anti-Treaty IRA they had a much stronger leg to stand on morally and legally.”

    Brian, you sure? To bring the other mainstay party into the mix, Gerry’s reply to FG’s “you’re no Michaels Collins” should be:

    Correct, I am not. However, the PIRA did what his heart desired, as history records that while Michael Collins was busy disarming the IRA in the south he was busy arming the IRA in the north. Was only after his assassination that the likes of Fergus abandoned us and took the peace line towards the north. Our condition when the PIRA made war on the northern state was no better than it was in Collins’ day, when he did all he could to destroy the northern state. And so you understand, it was the likes of Fergus, back then and today, who were and are no Míceál Ó Coileáin.

    That’s what I would’ve said in reply if I was him.

  • Slappy, that would have made a good diversion had the compere had the time to humour you. Had the discussion been about the Ulster IRA, it would have gone thus:

    1. Frank Aiken’s men: sided with Dev. Aiken gave the dump arms order so that is one up for FF and one down for Adams.
    2. Eoin O’Duffy was not really so active though he did set up the Gardai. Cavan was firmly FG.
    3. Sean McKeown firmly FG.
    4. Belfast was quiet.
    5. The Pettigo triangle never really got going.

    Conclusion that moast Republicans would agree with: there is no line of ascent form the traitor Collins to the traitor Adams, who would have to poo poo the legaqcises of FG, FF and many others to claim any Collins (Mick not Eamonn) mantle.

    Anyway, let Gerry Adams consider his options and then either sue or STFU.

  • Good, I suppose, Gerry is going to stick to LEGAL remedies this time.


    Given that Gerry Adams condemned the murder of Denis Donaldson, why did he not go to the funeral to show the flag? Will he raise Donaldson’s murder in Leinster House – if preparing his legal team on the Jean mcConville case gives him the time?

  • Mark


    Alan , there’s not enough room for two Trowbridges here ! lol