Gerry Adams “considering all legal remedies open to him…”

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness may believe that Gerry Adams’ “answer” is “the end of it” concerning questions over his party leader’s credibility, but the Herald reports that they have received a letter from the still Crown Steward and Bailiff of Northstead‘s solicitors following the publication of an interview with Jean McConville’s daughter, Helen McKendry.  From the Herald article

Adams’s solicitors McCartan & Burke claimed the article represented a “serious defamation” of their client who is “considering all legal remedies open to him”. Ms McKendry said today she has never personally got a legal letter from the Sinn Fein chief. However, she added: “We did a programme one time and he threatened then to sue, but it came to nothing.”

Husband Seamus (53) claimed Adams has not sued because “he is scared of us trailing him in (to court) for a civil action”. He added: “He really wishes we would go away, you know.

“We promised him many years ago we’d be a thorn in his side unless he was totally forthcoming and above board about what happened. He has never been that.”

And the Herald has added an editorial on the issue

We will not be silenced in our attempts to uncover and disclose Gerry Adams’ past. Every other political leader in this campaign has come under scrutiny and Mr Adams is no different.

His solicitor’s letter to us shows that Mr Adams is sensitive to public criticism – a weakness of which other political leaders here cannot stand accused.

It was Adams’ decision to put himself forward for election to the Dáil. It is only proper that as a candidate his past should come under examination and fair comment.

He may well dislike a younger generation being reminded of the atrocities committed in the past – like the abduction and brutal murder of Jean McConville – but he cannot claim to be entitled to a ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ treatment while seeking public office.

As a campaigning newspaper it is our duty to uncover the truth and support the victimised. We will continue to do so – despite the Sinn Fein leader’s bully boy tactics.