An anarchist speaks: “The only one that adheres to my policies is Fianna Fail”

H/T Malcolm… Great video via Alex Massie

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  • Pete Baker

    “That’s actually fantastic”


  • Brian


  • wee buns

    Beneath the FF cufflinks…..anarchy lurks. Love it.

  • Rory Carr

    I caught this clip earlier today courtesy of a commenter on one of Twenty Major’s threads but it suffers not in the least on a revisit.

    I just loved the quiet certainty with which he expressed himself – as though he had been the only sober witness to a horrible fracas among a group of drunks.

  • abucs

    You can’t buy (anti) publicity like that.

  • Greenflag

    Many of us have always known that FF were the eh ‘slightly ‘ constitutional party as former Taoiseach Sean Lemass once informed a rather startled Professor of Politics one Basil Chubb of TCD (now deceased) . Not that much would have startled Basil Chubb as he was a former RAF prisoner in Stalag II. The Wiltshire man became an Irish citizen in the 1970’s. He was ‘the Father of Political Science in Ireland ‘ and according to his bio a friend of George Orwell .

    But even Basil Chubb would have been startled at yer man above’s dead pan or would that be tongue in cheek delivery .
    A right chancer I’d say but full value . Shure who would want a half bottle of whiskey when you could have the full bottle as it were ?

  • Dewi

    I think we need this bloke writing on Slugger…

  • lamhdearg

    thank Dewi for bring this back to the top as i had missed it and thanks mick, classic stuff , very funny man indeed.

  • wee buns

    Definitely the most astute political comment of the week.
    Made me smile all day.
    Which was badly needed after Michael’s interview with VB last night: hardly knowing what he apologizes for; creepy and cretinous; unfit (as are the rest) to govern. Yet adamant, if it were not for himself, and their horrific decisions, ‘immediate and catastrophic consequences’ will ensue.
    Bring it on I say.

  • Greenflag

    At the very end – I just looked at this again -yer man gave the game away by smiling just a millisecond or so before the interviewer’s congrats on a ‘job’ well done .

    But it’s a line that ‘ooposition parties ‘ elsewhere in the democratic world might well use to advantage in coming elections .

    But could it work for the UUP or SDLP and AP against the combined ‘anarchic forces ‘ of the DUP/SF in the May elections ?

    Somehow I don’t think so – Anarchy is relative and NI has had enough of it’s own kind of anarchy these past 40 years to wish for a return to earlier periods of UUP ‘dominance ‘ in local politics methinks.

  • wee buns

    ‘Anarchy is relative and NI has had enough of its own kind of anarchy these past 40 years ..’

    Beg to differ that NI hasn’t had enough or ANY anarchy.
    That is, if you are inclined to understand anarchy as being a mode of organization with the absence of authority (in the way the dude in the video describes it) ….i.e…..’the complete destruction of authority as it stands at the moment’…….’total destruction of the system as we know it’
    Hardly applicable to NI’s various schisms.