Not sure how to vote next Friday? They’ve got an app for that…

Votomatic quizes you on a range of policy choices and then scores the parties for compatibility with your views.

Give it a try

My scores –

FG 19, Lab 10, Greens 2, SF 1, FF -3

  • orly

    Not in the ROI but did it anyway and tried to vote on issues as fairly as possible

    Don’t really agree with any of them as it turns out

    Highest was Labour at 2, FG 1, SF 0, FF -1, Green -7

  • slappymcgroundout

    Card-carrying member of the US Republican Party me reports:

    SF 8, L 4, FF/FG 0, G -3


    Public Finance: SF 6, L 5, FG -2, FF/G -4
    Jobs/Investment: G 1, FF/FG/SF/L 0
    Pay/Taxes: G 3, SF 1, L 0, FF/FG -2
    Transport: SF 3, G/FF 2, L 0, FG -3
    Social Policy (or why I am a US Republican): FF/FG 2, SF -1, G -2, L -3
    Enviroment: FG 3, L/FF 1, G 0, SF -1
    Health: SF 3, L 2, G -1, FF/FG -2
    Political Reform: FF 3, G 2, FG/SF 0, L -1
    Foreign Policy (or why I am a US Republican): FG 3, L 1, FF -1, G/SF -2
    Education: FF/FG 1, L/SF -1, G -2

  • Apparently I’m a hardcore Labour supporter 🙂

    FF -5, FG 3, Lab 13, GP -4, SF 1.

  • Votomatic will be covering the UK elections in May.

  • J Kelly

    It tells me I am hardcore sinn fein supporter, surprise surprise

  • pippakin

    According to this I am a hardcore Sinn Fein supporter!

  • Cahir O’Doherty

    Hmm, I must have kinda extreme views..went from +27/+22 (SF/Lab) to -15/-14 (FF/FG).

    Pity I can’t vote down south 🙁

  • Greenflag

    Mack ,

    The election is Friday 25th NOT the 18th . I understand you want the charade to end just as much as the rest of us . No time to take your quiz now but will have a go later .

  • Pete Baker

    Apparently I’m “hard to please”. [Who knew? – Ed]

    But “closest to Fianna Fáil”…


    Fianna Fáil 7
    Fine Gael 0
    Labour -4
    Greens 0
    Sinn Féin -14

    The breakdown’s more complicated that the topline scorecard may indicate. Honest.

    Public Finance: FF -1, FG 2, LP 1, Greens -1, SF 0
    Jobs/Investment: FF 3, FG -2, LP -2, Greens 4, SF -4
    Pay/Taxes: FF 3, FG 2, LP -3, Greens 3, SF -5
    Transport: FF 2, FG -2, LP 2, Greens 2, SF 1
    Social Policy: FF 1, FG 1, LP -1, Greens -2, SF -3
    Environment: FF 3, FG 0, LP -3, Greens 2, SF -3
    Health: FF -3, FG 0, LP 3, Greens 0, SF 3
    Political Reform: FF 0, FG -6, LP -3, Greens -4, SF -1
    Foreign Affairs: FF -1, FG 2, LP 2, Greens -2, SF -2
    Education: FF 0, FG 3, LP 0, Greens -2, SF 0.

  • al


    In fairness I think Mack knows when the election is. I would say the election is next Friday even though next Friday is technically this Friday

  • John Ó Néill

    FF -12; FG -3; na Glasraí 7; Lab 14; SF 18.

    FG -3? Must be wrong.

  • Wabbits

    Going by that it turns out I am a Labour man through and through. Which is kind of funny as if I had a vote that’s who I would have voted for. The rest didn’t even come into the reckoning.

  • john

    Die hard FG man according to the test one thing I know for sure is I would never vote FG whilst Enda Kenny is the leader!

  • DC

    Apparently I’m a hardcore Labour supporter on +18 (interesting as I’m not shy on outsourcing the odd public sector function here and there). Maybe it was my strong vote for Turkey joining the EU.

    And SF came second on +9 wtf? I’d rather cut off my arms.

  • Mack


    Given it’s Wednesday 16th surely the 18th is this Friday, and next Friday is the 25th?

    Although saying that, I’d agree that on Saturday the 12th next Friday would be the 18th and the 25th would be Friday week

  • Rory Carr

    The next Friday to come (therefore “next Friday”) will be Friday 18th which is the Friday of this week (hence the confusion). So it is that we say “The Friday of this week” which will be “Next Friday” on any day in the week preceding it, but can only say “This Friday” on Friday itself.

    Friday 25th will be” the Friday following next” (or “Friday of next week” .)

    I trust that all is now clear.

    Moi? – SF +24; Labour +23; FG -6; Green -11; FF -15.

    Hardly surprising.

  • Hm, I’m a “hardcore Fine Gael supporter”. I’d hope so, otherwise my membership fee is wasted.

    Interestingly, the only other party that I get a positive result for is the Greens. That’s probably because I agreed with gay marriage, abortion and carbon taxes. At least I’m not a sheep.

  • “Hardly surprising.”

    Perhaps a little, Rory. Labour is a Socialist party whereas SF is really a FF variant.

  • Greenflag

    Appropriately or maybe not Greenflag goes even Greener 🙁 with this result .

    Green Party 9
    Labour 8
    SF 1
    FF -2
    FG -3.

    On political reform I agree apparently with FF and nobody else .

    It seems to me that the ‘rush ‘ to political reform on the part of FG and others is symptomatic of a collective subliminal desire on the part of the political classes to somehow lay some or most of the blame for the present mess on the ‘political ‘ system .

    Is there the slightest evidence that had the Senate not existed or that we had fewer or more or better or lesser paid TD’s or a different Executive /Legislative set up in government that our current economic problems would have been avoided ?

    I don’t believe so . So while I favour political reform it should not be rushed into -much less used as a ‘diversionary ‘ tactic to steer people away from the actual causes of this economic setback for the country .

    In fact our politicians -all parties appear to be putting as much thought into these ‘reforms ‘ as they put into the ‘regulation ‘ of banking services 🙁

    And we should all recognise by now where that led the country ?

  • Greenflag

    @ Mack & Rory

    What can I say re the Friday ‘issue ‘ I can only paraphrase Alexander Selkirk when he returned from a hard day’s trekking on his island home and sat down under the palm trees to have a well earned meal and beckoned his manservant Friday saying aloud.

    ‘Henceforth I shall call you by your new name which shall be Next Friday or would you prefer This Friday or Friday Week or Friday Next or Friday Next or Week Friday or First Friday or Friday This or Friday That ?

    The reply of the manservant is not recorded but some have said that his immediate answer was unprintable when translated from it’s native tongue into the English .

    Others have said his reply was

    ‘I told you years ago you should have called me Tom .
    I mean six days a week when you call out Friday I have to tell you it’s a Monday or a Saturday ffs ! ;)?

  • Neil


    You know it makes sense.

  • pippakin


    I was so shocked I forgot to get the figures! I’ve worked it out though, I am a socialist so naturally chose the socialist options.

  • Rory Carr

    If, Pippakin, you are, as you say, “a socialist so naturally chose the socialist options”, and the result was that your (socialist) views were most in line with those of Sinn Féin, is there not a conclusion to be drawn? Will you not then follow the logic of that conclusion when you come to vote?

  • pippakin

    Rory Carr

    Nice try! and I confess I am sometimes tempted, but first I would have to believe and that, considering some of the membership, is not possible.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Will you not then follow the logic ‘

    So just because it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck doesn’t mean it’s got to be a duck ?

    Just have a read of what Michael McGimpsey says of the Executive on which he sits ‘ it’s quoted on Eamon Mallie’s twitter on LHS slugger .

    A source close to Michael McGimpsey says he has no intention of ‘walking away’ from what he brands ‘a dysfunctional Executive.’

    McGimpsey is eider a duck who can’t quack or one who only waddles when he feels like it or should that not be waffle ?

    Alas we humans are creatures of emotion and even when we insist we make decisions on a purely rational basis you can bet your next ponzi scheme that the ’emotional ‘ buy in will be there to see when the layers of onion logic are peeled back .

  • There’s obviously something seriously wrong here … SF, my arse!

  • joeCanuck

    It’s the questions.
    So, have you or have you not stopped beating your wife?

  • Rory Carr

    @ Malcolm Redfellow

    What’s one to do? Will you now modify your stance on the issues where they happen to reflect Sinn Féin policy for fear of being thought a Shinner?

    I never concerned myself with being thought a Tory merely because I once happened to agree with M. Thatcher that privatising the railways was a very bad thing.

    On another occasion I found myself in complete agreement with her when she opined that the weather had improved and it was nice to see a bit of sunshine after all the rain. I certainly never dreamed of concluding that the weather was wrong.

  • Greenflag

    Never forget that ‘surveys’ can be designed and questions formatted to deliver the answers preferred by those who pay for the survey or who have an ‘agenda’

    In this votamatic tally Labour + SF +Green Party now outvote FG +FF by 355,000 to 243,000 a 110,000 difference – Now if those figures were to be replicated in actual voting booths next Friday then the predicted ‘winds of change’ may need upgrading to ‘gale/gael force winds of change ‘

    Whether the weather will improve thereafter is alas not up to Mrs Thatcher whose sunshine days are now behind her . But I read a new film is about to hit the streets starring Meryl Streep as the Iron Lady complete with handbag . Our Enda may want to have a quick preview to pick up some ‘leadership ‘ tips ;)?

  • 241934 john brennan

    Why not vote for the dolly mixture party, Sinn Fein?
    Green Tories in the North: Red socialists in the South