Welsh Referendum – things hotting up.

Shane says Yes! 

With a little more than a fortnight to go before polling on March the 3rd the Yes campaign is continuing the strategy of big name endorsements.

Whilst maybe not engrossing the nation it’s getting a little nasty. Here’s the Western Mail’s take on maverick No campaigner Len Gibb’s latest lies.
More positively what AMs would do with new powers.
A real positive input from Helen Mary Jones:

Plaid deputy leader Helen Mary Jones suggested beefing up the regulation of care homes for the elderly.

“The legislation could include proposals to require every home to publish staff-to-resident ratios, impose minimum nutritional standards for food, improve inspection of care homes and ban the mass prescription of anti-psychotic drugs to residents,” she said.

It’s getting a little tighter but “Yes” in front by maybe 10 points…

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  • Pete Baker


    Why not highlight this suggestion from the Wales Online article?

    Plaid AM Dai Lloyd, a GP, proposed banning the advertising of unhealthy foods.

    “Almost three out of five people in Wales are overweight; around one in five is obese. Doctors are warning that obesity is a growing problem in Wales which will have a major impact on the NHS in years to come,” he said.


    Or the point that the suggestions amount to a wish-list – regardless of the constitutional arrangements.

    A small minority of the proposals would almost certainly exceed the Assembly’s powers even with a ‘Yes’ vote, including the wish to make St David’s Day a public holiday.

  • Dewi

    “A small minority” Pete….I highlighted Helen Mary’s proposal as precisely the practical and useful initiative a “Yes” vote would facilitate.