I understand the logic


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  • joeCanuck

    For shame, Heinz. Not for the first time.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Mooch, does hi-light how silly gafitti is and none of it should be taken seriously except as a nuisance.

    or occasionally entertaining …

  • Turgon

    I am not so sure about this one. Thin people might be able to slip through smaller spaces and so escape.

    Maybe Moochin you should have added your own grafitti: but are easier to keep when kidnapped.

  • Lets not forget Fat Pride

  • As if i would scrawl on a wall Turgon…shame on you!
    All i do is record it

  • I wonder if there’s a story behind the slogan. Some graffiti is humorous, some sinister.

  • vanhelsing

    nice catch MP

  • The Word

    “Some graffiti is humorous, some sinister.”

    I think they’re just stating the obvious in a smart-alec sort of way. I’ve seen people so big they’d need a transit van to get them to Louth or wherever. They wouldn’t be a bit amused either, I’m sure, especially if they had their former MP asking them questions about THEIR loyalty to their people. But I suppose they’re saying that it’s easier to kill a fat person than kidnap them.

  • Greenflag


    ‘Obesity now best protection against kidnapping’ says NI Nutrition Advisory Police Board .

    Visit your nearest fast food outlet several times a day to avail of this latest protection . You may not live as long as those slim feckers but hey life will taste better 🙂 and you won’t have to vote as often !

  • The Word

    ‘Obesity now best protection against kidnapping’

    Obesity is also the best protection against being worried about death. Why worry when it’s never that far away? Kidnapping? That’s just highly unlikely!

  • Here Mate

    This photo was taken close to where I live. “Tot Zeins” is written in the same lettering on the wall next to the one in the photo. A quick google reveals that this means “see you later” in Dutch.

    Also, the “Fat People Are Hard to Kidnap” thing is a well known internet slogan… you can buy t-shirts with the phrase on it etc

  • Brian

    Ha! Though I still think “Fat Pride” is the funniest one yet.

  • Brian

    BTW I did read recently that Mexico has an obesity problem of it’s own, as it is 2nd to the US in obesity in the Western Hemisphere and the problem is getting worse. Maybe it is just a form of deterrence aimed at the kidnapping crews of the drug cartels.

  • Niall

    Top piece of graffiti, congrats to its author and to MP for recording it for us all to enjoy.

    Anyone top it? Best bit of graffiti I remember seeing is FREE BARABUS painted on a gable wall in the Holylands (Belfast), absolute genius.

  • Mick Fealty

    22,045 unique page views to date, says it was worth it Mooch….

  • Nevin………I had a conversation with a fella last night and this graf was mentioned…there is a sinister element to it as it appeared after an attempted kidnapping of a ‘tout’

  • carl marks

    my favourite bit of graf was at the turn of the road in north belfast just after the loyalist ceasefires some wit with a spraycan had changed a uda (i think ) warning from ” after thirty years fighting republicians drug dealers are next” to read after thirty years fighting publicians rug dealers are next”

  • Crubeen

    The best bit I remember was a piece of verse sprayed on a subway wall at Anne Street, Queens Bridge Laganbank Road as ir was thirty years ago. Some aspiring poet put verses of sort on the wall – regrettably I only remember the first two lines: –

    Maggie McBride is good for a grope,
    When she’s not in the choir singing “God Bless the Pope!”

    If anybody knows the rest I’d surely love to see it again

  • Alias

    Just leave a trail of Twix bars to the getaway van…

  • Nunoftheabove

    “A recent police study found that you’re much more likely to get shot by a fat cop if you run”.

    – Dennis Miller