Fine Gael maintain top place in latest Red C poll…

According to RTE this evening:

“The Red C poll in tomorrow’s Sunday Business Post shows Fine Gael on 35%, up two points since the last Sunday Business Post Poll one week ago.

“Labour is on 22%, up one. Fianna Fáil is up one to 17%, Sinn Féin unchanged on 13%, the Greens also unchanged on 2%, while Independents and others drop four to 11%.”

As a useful addendum, here’s Noel Whelan points out that his opponent’s hopes that Enda will screw up sufficiently to change the nature of the outcome may be misplaced:

Much as his opponents may wish for it, Kenny will not be the game-changer in this campaign. He has been Fine Gael leader for more than nine and a half years. Unlike all his opponents, bar Gerry Adams, Kenny has previously led his party through an election campaign. He is also the only current leader to have previously participated in a leaders’ election debate.

The public knows Kenny at this stage; a majority expresses dissatisfaction with him in polls, but in the same polls Fine Gael does well. The Kenny factor, such as it is, is already built into the Fine Gael share price. Whatever their apprehensions about him, voters are content to support Fine Gael in larger numbers than they have for decades. That is unlikely to change in the next three weeks.