Some of our artwork is missing…

The BBC reports that fourteen paintings, worth an estimated £20,000, have gone missing from the publicly-owned Northern Ireland Executive’s collection since 1998. 

According to a Department of Finance and Personnel spokesman there are more than 1,400 artworks in the collection – which are “on show within government buildings”.  From the BBC report

The fourteen paintings worth a total of £20,000 had been under the control of the Department of Finance and Personnel and the Civil Service.

Among the missing artworks is a 1970 oil painting, ‘Tullymore’ by David Crone, worth £4,500.

It disappeared from the Department of Agriculture’s headquarters.

Another painting by David Crone, ‘Figure in a studio’ worth £3,000, went missing from Gloucester House, which is occupied by the Department for Employment and Learning.

Another of the pieces, a 1994 Romeo C Toogood watercolour of Shaws Bridge and the Lagan Canal, is worth £1,250.

It also went missing from the Department of Agriculture’s headquarters at Stormont.

[Have they checked all the MLAs’ offices? – Ed]  Probably…