Some of our artwork is missing…

The BBC reports that fourteen paintings, worth an estimated £20,000, have gone missing from the publicly-owned Northern Ireland Executive’s collection since 1998. 

According to a Department of Finance and Personnel spokesman there are more than 1,400 artworks in the collection – which are “on show within government buildings”.  From the BBC report

The fourteen paintings worth a total of £20,000 had been under the control of the Department of Finance and Personnel and the Civil Service.

Among the missing artworks is a 1970 oil painting, ‘Tullymore’ by David Crone, worth £4,500.

It disappeared from the Department of Agriculture’s headquarters.

Another painting by David Crone, ‘Figure in a studio’ worth £3,000, went missing from Gloucester House, which is occupied by the Department for Employment and Learning.

Another of the pieces, a 1994 Romeo C Toogood watercolour of Shaws Bridge and the Lagan Canal, is worth £1,250.

It also went missing from the Department of Agriculture’s headquarters at Stormont.

[Have they checked all the MLAs’ offices? – Ed]  Probably…

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  • al

    Some MLAs probably decided the paintings were sectarian and had them tossed.

    But really how can they simply go missing? If refurbishment took place surely the items are catalogued.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I think its nasty to suggest that MLAs would be involved. They dont ALL have criminal records and very few have a knowledge of Artwork. And Im sure not many civil servants or journalists are known to take an interest.
    Obviously they would be bigger suspects than MLAs without knowledge of the world of art.
    Personally Im not a big fan of art at all..unless it involves dogs playing snooker or poker 🙂

  • PACE Parent

    Eamonn Mallie is a well known and self-confessed collector. Has anyone asked him or a comment?

  • pippakin

    Careless of them. Its not as if they didn’t know that most of the executive couldn’t pass a lie detector test even if they were only asked the time of day.

    I will redouble my efforts to find the right Irish painting for my home. It looks as though someone has been stocking the, shops.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    PACE Parent,
    Hmmmm.yes I have noticed Mr Mallies tweety extracts often mention “art” although hes never mentioned dogs playing snooker or cards so obviously not an expert 😉

  • Carrickmoreman

    Where’s “Art Hostage” when we need him?

  • oracle

    Light fingered MLA’s now double jobbing as art thieves

  • oracle

    I was at Stormont last week and thought one of our MLA’s was trying to be trendy with canvass trousers…. I know now he was just as oily as he looked.

  • oracle

    I tell you what no one would steal

    Michael McGimpsey
    Caitríona Ruane
    Carál Ní Chuilín
    Nigel Dodds
    Martina Anderson

    None of them are oil-paintings

  • oracle

    Hey hope Christy Walsh wasn’t up at Stormont last week he would have be swiped for sure……… always telling us he was framed

  • oracle

    Obviously Dear leaders Dundalk offices are well decked out now

  • oracle

    OFMDFM weren’t misled into granting licences for oil exploration to some hookey west belfast outfit were they? definitely lost in translation there.

  • Frame

    I can understand wanting a Romeo Toogood. Not too sure about he Crones.

  • Cynic2

    So they own 1400 valuable paintings eh

    As they keep being stolen, why not sell them and replace with cheap prints?

  • All this publicity and not a single photo of the missing art. A thousand words is worth a picture.

    Might I suggest someone publishes a picture of the most valuable paintings with a simple question “Have you seen this stolen picture?” Then the next time I’m round Mallie’s,or Robbo’s, or Martin’s or whomever I can keep an eye open.

  • slappymcgroundout

    Pete, the more interesting story would be the one that not only notes the missing pieces but also where they were located, exactly, when last seen, and how much time elapsed from last seen until someone said, Hey, what happened to that painting that was on the wall there? It was well before the internet, so no online read is available, but in LA back in the day there was an instance wherein the one night custodian had himself some fun and simply relocated some art to the custodial closet and waited to see when and who noted the missing art. The results weren’t flattering for some.