Win a £150 bet with Betfair as part of Slugger’s Irish Election prediction competition have been in touch about the Election Prediction competition that we’re running here (below – you can read the form guide in a previous post here). We’ve already pointed to their markets here (currently showing 17/2 on a Fine Gael-only government as an outcome and 11/1 on SF getting 23+ seats). Labour are out at 19/1 for getting the most seats (pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will, eh comrades?)

Today Betfair have launched their own prediction competition – here. They’re currently forecasting Fianna Fáil on 29 seats, Fine Gael on 64, Labour on 38 and Sinn Féin on 14 with the Greens only getting one seat and the Independents getting 19.

So you can have a paid punt with Betfair or a free one here with Slugger (or both). The most accurate predictor on Slugger’s competition will win a £150 credit to their Betfair account once the dust has settled and the Republic has a new government.

We’ve also got something similar as a surprise for the night of The Slugger Awards (another Betfair sponsored prize) so make sure you get your ticket before they’re all gone.

The serious psephologists among you will probably only be interested in the more detailed constituency betting markets?

Slugger O’Toole Irish General Election Prediction Competition 2011

Complete this form to make your predictions now! NB: Your final total of seats must add up to 165. Any that don’t get disqualified….

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  • Antoin Mac C.

    we can safely say that labour,sinn fein,fine gael and fianna fail will almost certainly win at least one seat each.afterwards we can be certain that there will be 450000
    people unemployed-GIS A JOB

  • Antoin Mac C.

    I’d like to bet my 20 euro against the winner of the betfair competitions 150 that there will be at least 449000 people unemployed next month.If i win i’d bet my 170 that this time next year there will be 494000 people,at the very least unemployed.If i win that bet i won’t be around to collect my winnings,because the current exchange rate of 186 euro for a slice pan,butter,tea bags,matchs,candle,soup,2 pork chops,spuds,beans,milk,bread,clean water,1 cheap bottle of country spring orange,8 sausages,peas,carrots and a sunday steak translates into 4 sausages,milk,bread,tea bags and essentials like electricity,heat and rent,and enuff to save for an 18euro one way,all the way bus trip to london.

  • Cynic2

    Pork chops and steak?

    That just shows what’s wrong with this country. Why don’t you catch the bus just after voting. That way you can vote SF to spite all the buggers you leave behind