“Political parties will ignore that explosive mix at their peril…”

Notwithstanding Mick’s analysis of the latest polling figures, today’s Irish Times editorial makes an important point.

AS THE general election campaign gets under way, a high level of volatility persists within the electorate with one-third of voters likely to change their minds, according to the latest Irish Times /Ipsos MRBI opinion poll. That uncertainty is compounded by the fact that a further 26per cent have not made up their minds; have refused to say or will not vote. Political parties will ignore that explosive mix at their peril.

And, as a comparison, here are the figures for declared party support.

The core vote for the parties (before undecided voters are excluded) compared with the last poll was: Fianna Fáil, 12 per cent (down one point); Fine Gael, 26 per cent (up three points); Labour, 19 per cent (up one point); Sinn Féin, 11 per cent (down two points); Green Party, 1 per cent (no change); Independents/Others, 11 per cent (up two points); and undecided voters, 22 per cent (down three points).