Éirígí Candidates to Stand in Northern Ireland Local Government Elections

The Irish Times reports that the “republican socialist political grouping” éirígí has announced that they will contest the forthcoming local government elections in Northern Ireland.  From the Irish Times report

About 140 members from across Ireland attended the conference in the Culturlann centre on Falls Road, where delegates voted in favour of running candidates in the council elections.

Éirígí, which was formed in April 2006, has yet to decide in how many of the North’s 26 local government areas it will stand or how many candidates it will put forward. A party spokesman said it was unlikely it would run candidates in the general election in the Republic.

Its Dublin-based chairman Brian Leeson said Northern Ireland was an “irreformably corrupt, sectarian state” but nonetheless Éirígí believed now was the time to contest the local elections.

“We believe there is a real appetite for a radical voice to emerge from working-class communities that will forcefully challenge the British occupation and economic exploitation and deprivation,” Mr Leeson added.

And from the éirígí press release

The Ard-Fheis, which was held in the Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich cultural centre, was attended by more than 200 people and was addressed by speakers from the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Latin American Solidarity Centre, the Independent Workers’ Union, FEE, as well as cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson and rúnaí ginearálta Breandán Mac Cionnaith.

Messages of solidarity were also sent by the Cuban ambassador to Ireland Teresita Trujillo and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Regarding the decision taken by the party membership on the Six County local elections, Brian Leeson said: “Five years on from the formation of éirígí, the party feels the time is right to make an electoral intervention in order to further promote a resurgent socialist republicanism.

“éirígí has no illusions about the nature of electoral politics in the Six Counties and, indeed, across Ireland. The Six Counties is an irreformably corrupt, sectarian state. No amount of elections to local councils, assemblies or foreign parliaments can change that fact.”