Green Party Resigns from Irish Government

But will support Finance Bill.  Refuse to say how they would vote on a confidence motion.  Nothing to do with us, Guv?  Adds  RTÉ report here.  And  Text of statement by Green Party leader, John Gormley.

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  • It’s been even more of a pantomime than we thought:

    “TAOISEACH Brian Cowen had decided to resign as party leader on Thursday, only to change his mind immediately prior to the parliamentary party meeting, the Sunday Tribune has learned.

    It is understood that some time after midday, the Green Party and senior ministers were told that Cowen was going, but the Taoiseach reconsidered after a lunchtime ring-around of deputies by close allies.”

  • pippakin

    Its been like watching a 1940s western. The villain is writhing all over the place taking too long to die. The Greens are behaving like the ditherers they have always seemed to be its not up to them if something gets done, or not.

  • pippakin, apparently it’s patience, not dithering:

    John Gormley: “For a very long time we in the Green Party have stood back in the hope that Fianna Fáil could resolve persistent doubts about their party leadership. A definitive resolution of this has not yet been possible. And our patience has reached an end.”

  • Rory Carr

    “….but will support the Finance Bill.”

    A question of too little, too late as always when politicians find themselves reacting to crisis after they are unmasked as grubbing opportunists.

  • pippakin


    Would that be ‘patience not dithering’ as in ‘drowning not waving’.

  • The Irish greens are a lesson in what not to do if a small party enters a
    coalition government with a much larger parliamentary party. Funny how the UK Liberal democrats are making much the same mistakes as the Greens. Lets hope they do not repeat the greens tactic of gluing themselves to their limo seats.

  • pippakin, waiting Micawber-like for something to turn up. But the life-boat never came.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Greens 8/13 to win no seats – Paddy Power.

  • Peter Doran

    Cowen’s incompetence to the bitter end delivered a perfect exit strategy to the Greens after Wednesday’s debacle.

    Thanks Brian…

    Clearly the Greens will not show their hand on a confidence vote at this stage. They have called Fine Gael and Labour’s bluff and invited them to step up and get behind the Finance Bill to clear the path for an early election.

    Deferral of the confidence votes was part of the quid pro quo. As of tonight, they are off the table.

  • consul

    FF will try to spoof their way beyond Friday. Some of their buddies in the DoF are going to try to make out it’s impossible to get the essential parts ready next week. Every party bar FF accepts that Friday is doable. This is just to try and buy as much time as possible to get their house in order for the election. No other reason. It’s crucial for Ireland’s international credibility or what’s left of it that we install a new government at the earliest available date. It’s not for us to worry about what’s best for this party or that. Once more the FF interest must supercede the national interest although they probably think the two are the same thing. The Opposition should not back down. They’ve given them grace till Friday and this is more than fair.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Cowen’s incompetence to the bitter end delivered a perfect exit strategy to the Greens after Wednesday’s debacle.

    The Greens had an exit strategy many months ago when the depths of the economic incompetence of the Irish government became obvious. Shamefully, they themselves have done everything to cling onto power rather than maintain their honour by taking one for the team. I am looking forward to their complete wipeout for their role as FF lackeys.

  • GoldenFleece

    Jesus, what a mess!

    People of NI, should take note – this is what happens when ruled by populist parties.

  • Comrade Stalin

    GF, I have to say that the alternatives in Irish politics don’t inspire a lot of confidence. Enda Kenny doesn’t seem to be that sure whether or not he really wants FF to vacate office.

  • Munsterview


    Any chance of Alliance going 32 county, come the election we are going to have a lot of electoral rejects down here too trying for a new political home ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    MV, having sat within a few feet of the next Taoiseach I’m persuaded that it’s best to leave politics in the 26 to people who know what they are talking about. Gerry Adams might yet regret not seeing things similarly.

  • GoldenFleece

    CS, as far as I can tell FG is another populist party, half the party is liberal, half conservative. The ROI really needs to break away from civil war politics.

    And all parties here (excluding the green party probably) are populist parties. Does not bode well.

  • MV, if you had an AP Minister of Justice those unruly elements in Limerick would be screaming for mercy.

    He/she could also inform our Minister of Justice what his/her Dublin civil servants do when confronted by tense policing situations in the Black North.

  • Greenflag


    ‘ I have to say that the alternatives in Irish politics don’t inspire a lot of confidence. ‘

    Unfortunately true – A combination of present fiancial circumstances and uncertain /embattled leadership issues in both the main parties FF and FG .

    ‘Enda Kenny doesn’t seem to be that sure whether or not he really wants FF to vacate office.’

    I’d go one further and say he has the visage and mien of ‘Reluctant Taoiseach ‘ which is not what the country wants or needs right now . An FG led by Noonan , Bruton , Shatter might have raised FG’s seat total .

    I can see Kenny’s FG being ‘devoured’ in coalition negotiations by Gilmore’s Labour -Gilmore was for many years a union negotiator .

    ‘Gerry Adams might yet regret not seeing things similarly.’

    Good point . Pearse Doherty had an easy target in a crumbling FF government but both he and Adams and other SF if elected will find an FG/Lab coalition with a 15 or 20 seat majority -much less deferential to SF’s perception of themselves as Ireland’s ‘economic ‘ saviours .

    The ‘politics’ of opposition in the next Dail will be interesting in that we’ll probably have an FF trying to reconfigure it’s role in the country’s politics while SF may still be left short of the ‘breakthrough ‘

    I suspect the coming NI Assembly election will be much less ‘unpredictable ‘ .

  • I’m amused by people who are sanctimonious about the Greens not dumping FF out of power. In fact they have done and probably at the earliest time they could have without abdicating responsibilities. After all it wasn’t the Greens who who voted FF in three times in a row? It was a beholden electorate loving the cute hoor politics of bubbles and tigers – it certainly wasn’t the Greens. The culture of blame someone else – it had nothing to do with me mate, is live and well down there as it is up here.

    The Greens were naive but at least had an agenda they were sticking to. They were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and fought fires in there from the start. During their 3 years they have demonstrated some genuine competence in the briefs they managed. I hope they don’t get wiped out for there is some bunch of edjits queuing up for their jobs. The king is dead long live the king!

  • “but will support Finance Bill”

    Gerry Adams takes a different line: bin the budget and the Finance Bill

    ““The ‘consensus for cuts’ parties are colluding to deny the people their say on the economic direction of the state.” [SF website]

    Meanwhile over at the DRD Conor Murphy’s civil servants have come with a cunning alternative to ‘cuts’ – ‘indicative savings’.

  • Munsterview

    Comrade S : “MV, having sat within a few feet of the next Taoiseach I’m persuaded that it’s best to leave politics in the 26 to people who know what they are talking about. Gerry Adams might yet regret not seeing things similarly….”

    I take it you are referring to the Oldest man in Parliamentary Dail Politics ? The man who is the Grandfather generation, ‘Father of the Dail’ The one who rather than invoking ‘the Father’, usually provokes an exasperated ‘ Jesus, Mary and Joseph’ when the eyes are turned skywards after his latest foot shooting?

    Fianna Fail lost confidence on their leader Brian Cowen. They had a heave, Brian won 2 : 1 against his opponents. Twenty four hours later he GUBU’d and the heave started again and he was gone as party leader over the weekend. The other parties then started the hue and cry for an election as ‘ the man who was not fit to lead his party was not fit to lead the country’ !

    May I remind you that the half nationalist leader that visited the half unionist conference and sat next to you did not have the confidence of his own Shadow Front Bench some weeks ago to the extent that some resigned and he had to sack the remainder at a meeting they called to sack him?

    A man who is still leader of his Fine Gael party not because of their choice but his deft use of the party rules and the arm twisting ability of the back room boys. A man who has party closed behind him only because the more influncial of them con smell the leather of their Goivernment Limos and their chance of the goodie bag.

    Soo…. lets see now, all the political parties and even most of Fianna Failed decided that a man who had lost the confidence of his own front bench to the extent that he was no longer party leader, was not fit to be Taoiseach either, so we are having an election date set within a week.

    Now your admired political plonker who had to sack his own front bench because they had no confidence in him and reappoint these same people again as he had no alternative, is O’K to be Taoiseach after the next election and for the following years, with the people he sacked as having no confidence in as Government Ministers ? The man the handlers will not allow to speak in public unless absolutely necessary ?

    This is the same man presumably that Brian Cowen with all the political appalling political baggage and wreckage behind him who was still able to knock sparks of in their last Dail encounter ?

    Even a finished, spend Brian Cowen had more going for him than a starting, rearing to go Enda Kenny when they jousted !

    As Billy Connoly might say ” They must have been up all night thinking that one up ”
    or maybe another Connolyism……” You could not write this stuff, no body would believe it” !