POTD – A is for….

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  • A is for Anscoflex II for sale, or will exchange for camera with autofocus.

  • and the O is for?

  • O is for Order as in Anarchy is Order according to Wiki.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Is there a purpose to this ?

  • With a few taps of the keys he condemned civilisation.

  • fordprefect

    in semaphore I believe, holding both arms out straight from the shoulders and lowering them down (an inverted v) means “no”, that’s why CND adopted it.

  • Thanks, articles. http://goo.gl/7dqxH

  • Hi Nevin

    Someone close to me used to tell visitors from across the water that the letter i inside a circle, often seen, was an oirish i to distinguish it from an English i.

    Minimalist anarchy I suggest.

  • There’s more, articles: the insertion of i to transform an English/Scots word into an Irish one – just for the craic (oops) crack 🙂

  • articles, here’s some anarchic traditional Irish reggae music and more than a few photos from Barleymob on YouTube: Up the Retribution; Wipe the Eye of the Tiger http://goo.gl/TqFTE

  • And there’s more

    Traditional irish bhangra music (jai ho) appearing at a flash dance near you soon. The kids appear and then melt away, fantastico.

  • Drumlins Rock

    it represents symbolically the typical Belfast conversation, ” eh? oh! “

  • joeCanuck

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Canada copyrighted “eh” a long time ago. Didn’t you know that, eh?

  • Finally and definitively it is A O let’s go

    as in