“We do not want foreigners in here” – Redux

And on a somewhat related note, Miriam Lord spots a report of comments by Fianna Fáil TD, Ned O’Keeffe, who, as they say, has form on the topic…  From Miriam Lord’s Week

Our thanks to reporter Brian Moore of the Avondhu newspaper in Mitchelstown for bringing us this update from Ned, who is doing the nation some service by keeping a beady eye on troop movements in the Far East. In the course of a wide-ranging interview on Cork local radio station C103, Deputy O’Keefe outlined the appalling vista facing Ireland at the moment: an invasion by the Chinese, followed by a takeover of the country.

“The blame for the problems we have is nothing to do with the banks. It is down purely and simply to politicians, the planners and the county councils,” explained Ned, before turning to matters oriental.

“We have a foreigner in place telling us we should sell our banks and I don’t want the Chinese coming in here. We had 800 years of English rule, if we let the Chinese in and give them a base here like they have in the Sudan and in other parts of Africa, then where will we be? “They would then probably take over the place with military bases and so on,” declared The Mitchelstown Eagle – he’s watching Beijing.

But why would the Chinese be interested in sending their troops over here? “It is the nature of their business, the Chinese are going to take over the world, they are a financial power and a military power as well.” To bolster his theory, Ned went on to say that it has been proposed to sell AIB and the Bank of Ireland to Chinese banks. “I am totally opposed to that and I think every Irishman who has an understanding of the freedom of his country will see what the Chinese are up to.” But as writer Moore notes, every cloud has a silver lining. Aren’t the Chinese very fond of their pork? Good news there for Ned, passionate champion of the (processed) pig.

Stay vigilant. You have been warned.


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  • wild turkey

    Deputy Ned is a cert for irelands next ambassador to the bermuda triangle.

    is he any relation to sarah palin?

  • Cynic2

    I think Mr Collins et al might have been very happy to put Ned and a few of the people he supported over the last years up against a wall (after due process of course) for crimes against Ireland.

    It may have escaped his notice that the reason them foreigners are coming in is that we Irish have made such a mess of it The Chinese are also renown for financial acumen and the idea of them rushing in to snap up Irish banks as bargains is fun.

    But lets be fair, How many of us haven’t ended up talking total utter embarrassing nonsense after a jar or two too many? And it was all on Radio Cork so nobody was listening anyway

  • Cahir O’Doherty

    I do like the mention of the county council. Reminds me of The Third Policeman’s Sergeant Pluck and his blaming of the county council for people turning into bicycles.

    Very surreal.

  • Cynic2

    Oh yes and despite his membership of the Finance Committee poor old Ned’s understanding of financial matters has at times been a bit ‘loose’ shall we say


  • fordprefect

    As wild turkey said “is he any relation to Sarah Palin”, he’s certainly as nutty as her!