“Senator Callely will now be reviewing his legal decisions…”

As the Irish Times reports

Senator Ivor Callely has won his High Court action aimed at overturning a Seanad committee’s finding that he misrepresented his normal place of residence to claim expenses.

The High Court found this morning the Seanad Select Committee of Members’ Interests breached Mr Callely’s constitutional right to natural justice and fair procedures in its decision.

An iol report quotes from the High Court ruling

Judge Iarfhlaith O’Neill found the Committee did not allow Mr Callely a reasonable opportunity to defend himself on political ethics charges.

“On the basis that the respondent failed to exercise their adjudicative function in an appropriate judicial manner by making a political judgment on the issues in the investigation, thereby breaching the applicants constitutional rights and fair procedures,” the judge ruled. [added emphasis]

“They misdirected themselves in law on the definition of normal place of residence.”

A statement by Senator Ivor Callely has been released.

Senator Callely has expressed his satisfaction with the High Court decision which clearly vindicates his position.

Senator Callely, his wife and family have suffered greatly from having been placed in the glare of media publicity with attendant adverse, unfair and defamatory comments from some sections of the media.

Senator Callely will now be reviewing his legal decisions going forward with his legal advisers and, on their advice, will not be making any further comment at this time.

And, in the circumstances, it might be worth revisiting Mick’s post on the coverage of expenses scandals…

Noting, at the same time, the role of politicians in this particular saga.

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  • Cynic2

    He could always sue and let a jury of Irish people decide. Or perhaps not

  • Could one of Slugger’s many self-appointed learned friends explain precisely who and about what Callely could sue?

    He protests that he had been painted as a “chancer”, a “rogue” and “thoroughly despicable” — had intentionally misrepresented his normal place of residence at Kilcrohane, Bantry, Co Cork.

    As I see it, his discomfiture amounts to his exposure over the €80K travel exes to and from his home in Clontarf Bantry and the loss of a further €10K in bunce from the Seanad during his suspension. Suing the Seanad should be a fun affair: the Oireachtas as an institution? all sixty senators? only those who voted for his suspension? If there’s a bar at the Bar Council of Ireland (as if not), it’ll be trebles all round.

    Has he any personal reputation to lose? Before this business he was a non-entity, known mainly for a forced resignation over a sweetheart deal with a developer/builder and an attempt to bribe (does a car amount to a bribe?) a civil servant.

    In Britain two MPs of the previous parliament are going down over amounts far less than Callely’s take: they will not be the last. None were quite so graspingly stupid as to claim mobile phones on forged invoices from a business that ceased trading a decade gone.

    In any event, does anyone prepared to lend a name to the Taoiseach’s Eleven, under any administration, have any shred of repute left?