Another week, another defection

Readers will probably be aware that  the DUP have gained another defection from the UUP. Deputy Mayor, Harry Dunlop, has defected saying that the party no longer represented the Unionist values he believed in. Last month Castlereagh Deputy Mayor, David Drysdale, also left the party arguing he has difficulty with UUP policy.

Since being elected as the Leader of the UUP back in September Tom Elliott has presided over the resignation of three of their Conservative and Unionist Westminster candidates; Harry Hamilton, Paula Bradshaw and Trevor Ringland. Local Councillors are viewed to represent the ‘grassroots’ of your party, so what next for Mr Elliott? Are we witnessing a grassroots rebellion four months into his Leadership?

I think the question that Tom Elliott has to find the answer to is: what is the UUP about now? The party have lost their way, joined forces with the Tories but have still been unable to define what they are post-2003. They have failed to convince the electorate that they are still relevant. Four months in, the second Leader since David Trimble and he has failed to define the UUP. Is the end near for the UUP?