Executive spending plans delay “treating the public with contempt”

According to the BBC report the following Northern Ireland Executive Departments have yet to publish their spending plans.

  • Office of the First and Deputy First Minister
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Regional Development

That’s despite the departmental allocations being agreed on 15th December and an ongoing public consultation on those plans.

The report quotes Alliance Party MLA, Stephen Farry

Stephen Farry of the Alliance Party said the ongoing delay was “treating the public with contempt”.

And from a separate report

A member of the assembly’s finance committee [Independent MLA, Dawn Purvis] said MLAs and the public were being “treated like mushrooms” when it came to the draft budget.

[How so? – Ed] Kept in the dark and fed bullshit. [No change there then – Ed] Indeed.

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  • wild turkey

    “treated like mushrooms”

    yeah, dawn is correct, but there is nothing new or startling in this.

    the body politic has been treated like mushrooms since the inception of the peace “process”. sorry correct that, we have been, and are being, finessed.

    however, looking at the list of departments yet to publish their spending plans a thought occurs.

    remember when Charles Haughey dismissed Northern Ireland as a “failed political entity” and Unionists responded that the Republic was a “failed economic entity”?

    well it could be argued that the pre-eminent (only?) 32 county party wants to ensure that “north of ireland” is a failed entity; both politically and econonically. that could be characterised as unification of a sort. like hannah montana sings “you get the best of both worlds”.

    maybe mary lou can run with the hannah montana riff in dublin…given the proper finesse

  • The Alliance Party is part of the Exec, so it is in contempt of itself.

  • Ceist

    It’s not enough to throw any old rubbish out, there needs to be something of substance to allow engagement. The DoJ draft budget is so abstract as to be meaningless.

    In work if I gave a four year budget, which was comprised of seven bullet points and four tables I’d rightly be asked to pack my things.

    The DoJ budget is completely devoid of reasoning or methodology, it leaves no room for policy changes (remember we have an election in 4 months – a new minister and all?) and has a big ol’ £200 million hole in the middle which ‘it’s hoped’ will be filled from HMT (with no contingency plan if London tells us to take a hike).

    In fact the only things it spells out is the Desertcreate college (fair enough) and a £13 million pay off package for the POA (I’m sure Jimmy and Finlay are delighted)

    The whole Budget process has been a disjointed farce and the only reason we’re not up in arms over it as a society is that the bar for our expectations was set so low, we applauded the Executive for doing their job and actually managing to engage in the budget process in the first place.